Christine Burns

Director, Network World Test Alliance

How to build a private cloud

A private cloud looks and acts like a public cloud, giving your corporation all the speed, agility and cost savings promised by cloud technology, only it's single tenant and that tenant is you, right? Well, that's the goal, but it's...

Cloud tools abound. Is enterprise IT ready?

The sky is the limit for both the number and the types of tools that will eventually help enterprise IT fully embrace the cloud.

Top 10 cloud tools

New tools to help enterprise IT build, buy, manage, monitor, tweak and track cloud services.

Cloud security tips and tricks

Users and security consultants familiar with the process of securing hybrid clouds have one steady piece of advice to offer: the only way to go is one step at a time.

12 hybrid security products to watch

Securing a hybrid cloud is not the same thing as deploying hybrid security products.

Hybrid clouds pose new security challenges

If 2013 is the year enterprises begin implementing their hybrid cloud strategies, as the experts are predicting, then it follows that this will also be the year when hybrid cloud security takes center stage.

2013: Year of the hybrid cloud

The time for dabbling in cloud computing is over, say industry analysts. 2013 is the year that companies need to implement a hybrid cloud strategy that puts select workloads in the public cloud and keeps others in-house.

Top 10 cloud jobs, the popular tech-focused job site, posts upwards of 3,800 cloud-related job listings on any given day. Researchers there crunched the numbers to come up with a list of the top 10 most available jobs in the cloud.

Top 10 cloud related job titles

If you visit the popular tech-focused job site and search for cloud computing related jobs, you'll get more than 3,800 hits. According to Alice Hill, managing director of, that's up 72 percent over last year.

Cloud careers: It's a seller's market

IT professionals who have learned to work across traditional borders are the hot ticket in the current cloud-crazy job market.

The cloud is at your service

If you follow cloud computing, you're no doubt familiar with software as a service, typically associated with, or infrastructure as a service, which was pioneered by But how about CaaS, SECaaS, DaaS, MaaS...

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