Charlotte Jee

Here are 592 women in the UK who could speak at your tech event

What UK developers need to know about machine learning

What UK developers need to know about machine learning

What machine learning is, and the best tools and languages for developers to get started with

Diversity in tech: here are the practical steps companies can take

How hiring, mentoring, role models, development and retention all play a role in making tech more inclusive

How containers cut server costs at the Financial Times by 80 percent

The FT's content platform team adopted Docker as its container platform in mid-2015 and Kubernetes for orchestration in 2017, but the choice wasn't a simple one.

Techworld unveils the techies 2018 winners

The winners were revealed at a glitzy party in Shoreditch on 22 February

How Glasgow is growing into one of the UK's most successful tech hubs

Glasgow has a burgeoning startup scene, backed by its history within fintech and three top universities.

What it’s like to work in one of the UK’s happiest tech teams

Here's why Expedia has been topping the 'happiest place to work' rankings for the last two years.

The techies 2017 winners - GoCardless, Splunk and Wayra among winners at the techies

GoCardless, Moneybox, Addison Lee and Genius Hub were among the big winners at the techies last night, Techworld's annual awards to celebrate innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship across the UK technology scene.

UK could lose 30,000 fintech jobs after 'hard Brexit'

Ireland, Malta, Denmark, Cyprus, Sweden and Luxembourg are all cited as locations fintech firms may move to if the UK loses 'passporting' rights.

Meet the woman on a mission to make technology emotionally intelligent

Affectiva's technology helps AI assistants embedded in chatbots and driverless cars to understand how you are feeling

UK government identity scheme GOV.UK Verify launched today: What is GOV.UK Verify? GOV.UK Verify explained

Everything you need to know about the government identity assurance scheme GOV.UK Verify: the concept, the programme's timetable, which private providers are involved, and plans for its future.

Budget 2016: Government to spend £5 million rebuilding postcode data it sold off in 2013

Chancellor George Osborne has pledged money to build an open address register. Sound familiar? That's because it was sold off with the Royal Mail. Now we're spending £5 million to get it back.

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