Carla Schroder

ownCloud: The cloud sharing service you control

This service is still a little rough around the edges, but it allows you to share files and data without entrusting your information to a third party. Check out this bundle of tips, tricks, and unknown features to get the most out of...

Open source medicine puts health above profits

There is an open source revolution brewing in health care where noble motivations prevail over profit.


16 ultimate SSH hacks

So you think you know OpenSSH inside and out? Test your chops against this hit parade of 16 expert tips and tricks.


Crash course: Embedded programming with Arduino

Demand for embedded programming is growing like crazy, so anyone looking for some job security might consider becoming an ace embedded programmer. It helps to have some programming experience, but even raw beginners can get started...

Crash course: Virtualization with KVM on Ubuntu Server

KVM is the up-and-coming enterprise virtualization contender. It's lean, mean, fast, and runs unmodified guest operating systems with ease. In this crash course we get KVM up and running on Ubuntu Server, install multiple guests,...

Open source jobs: What's hot, where to look, what to learn

Some of the best career opportunities today are in open source, and your imagination is the only thing that stands between you and success in this hot market.


Crash course: How to make a website with Drupal

Drupal is an amazing content management system that can build pretty much any Web site you want it to -- if you can figure out how. Follow along as I remake my personal Web site,, using Drupal.

Crash course in PostgreSQL, part 2

This crash course in PostgreSQL explains how to populate table structures with data.

Crash course in PostgreSQL, part 1

PostgreSQL is more than an RBDMS, it's an object-relational database management system a traditional relational database with an object-oriented database model. This open source hybrid is easy to set up and learn.

The Natty Narwhal netbook: Ultimate network admin toolkit

You can be the coolest and best-equipped network administrator on the block with Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Linux on a netbook. Netbooks are lightweight and portable, have long battery life, and bright sharp screens -- and, thanks to Linux...

Natty Narwhal netbook: The ultimate network administrator toolkit

Netadmins need to be everywhere and know everything about their networks. A netbook running Ubuntu's Natty Narwhal can make that easier to pull off.

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