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Byron Connolly is a highly experienced technology and business editor who contributes to CIO Australia. He also facilitates roundtables and conferences for CIOs and other senior technology executives and creates content from these events.

How the NT government wired up remote Aboriginal communities

The Trans-Tasman travel bubble may not matter that much to CIOs

The Trans-Tasman travel bubble may not matter that much to CIOs

Remote work has made the need for in-person collaboration much less, and CIOs aren’t ready to have their teams resume prepandemic travel patterns.

Malicious URLs now rampant: study

Malicious URLs now rampant: study

Malicious URLs are now rampant problem according to a study which found they are contained in an average of one in every 61 emails.

Brisbane laundry launches Web-connected washing machines

Brisbane retailer Snap Laundromat has ‘Internet-enabled’ its washing machines and dryers, enabling customers to pay for services with their smartphones.

ACMA wants to dump outdated spam code

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is seeking public comment on its proposal to deregister the long-standing and outdated Industry Spam Code of Practice.

IT devs to put Tassie in the spotlight

The Tasmanian government is asking IT developers, companies, individuals and enthusiasts to create smartphone and tablet apps that showcase our sometimes forgotten island state.

14,000 QLD kids to get Acer tablets

Around 14,000 school children in Queensland will receive Windows 8 tablet computers following a new agreement between the Queensland Department of Education Training and Employment (QDETE) and Acer.

Rural and regional Aussies to get better broadband from space

Communications minister Stephen Conroy claims two satellites, to launch in 2015, will offer broadband services to the bush that will be faster than most people receive in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney on the current copper network...

Dr Peter Lawrence, CIO, Department of Defence

Dr Peter Lawrence, the newly appointed CIO at the Department of Defence, admits he has "one of the larger and more complex CIO roles in Australia at the moment." --

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