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Brad Chacos spends his days digging through desktop PCs and tweeting too much. He covers gaming and graphics for PCWorld, and spends his mornings running the news desk for PCWorld, Macworld, Greenbot, and TechHive.

Nvidia's beastly GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070: 10 things you need to know

10 things Windows 10 failed to fix or flat-out broke

10 things Windows 10 failed to fix or flat-out broke

Windows 10, you're a great operating system, but...please put these deficiencies on your update list somewhere.

How to install the Windows 10 Technical Preview

How to install the Windows 10 Technical Preview

Here's everything you need to know to try the Windows 10 preview safely: hardware requirements and steps for preparing virtual machines and partitioned hard drives.

Microsoft begins dropping OneDrive's 2GB file size limit

Microsoft begins dropping OneDrive's 2GB file size limit

Microsoft's following in the footsteps of Dropbox and Google Drive by removing OneDrive's 2GB file size limit, albeit with little fanfare.

Amazon launches Prime Music, a free streaming service for Prime subscribers

Amazon launched Prime Music, a streaming music service with more than a million tunes, zero ads, and zero cost to Amazon Prime subscribers.

NSA secretly exploited devastating Heartbleed bug for years, report says

You had to see this one coming.

AMD, Nvidia ramp up Linux driver support in wake of Valve's SteamOS announcement

Well, that didn't take long. Less than a day after Valve announced SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system based around the incredibly popular Steam PC gaming service, both AMD and Nvidia stepped up their driver support for the...

Device-spanning Ubuntu Touch OS gets Oct. 17 launch date

The audacious Ubuntu Edge smartphone crowdfunding experience may be dead, but the dream of merging phone and PC lives on. Ubuntu Touch, the form factor-spanning mobile operating system intended to power the Edge, finally has a release...

Requiem for the Ubuntu Edge: The phone is dead, but dream lives on

We are gathered here today to mourn the death of the Ubuntu Edge. This ambitious project blurred the line between smartphone and PC, and while it burned but only briefly, it burned brightly enough that its legacy will live on in the...

Goal for Ubuntu Edge phone may go beyond crowdfunding campaign

Pledges for the Ubuntu Edge -- the smartphone that doubles as a desktop -- flew hot and heavy over the first few days

How to activate Windows Defender in Windows 8

Like every new Windows release, Windows 8 is more secure than the operating systems that came before it. That's due in large part to three major enhancements: An increased emphasis on UEFI Secure Boot optimizations, the extension of...

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How (and why) to surf the web in secret

They say no one can hear you scream in space, but if you so much as whisper on the Web, you can be tracked by a dozen different organizations and recorded for posterity. Simply visiting a website can allow its operators to figure out...

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