Bob Skelley

Bob Skelley is a published writer and editor. His life and work center on expression. Discovering his passion and affinity for writing led to an enlistment turn as a U.S. Navy journalist. He calls himself a student of the human condition, a curious observer. Even while in the Navy, he wrote feature articles on people and informational tomes that progressively moved the needle on civilian enterprise print journalism.

Bob is the founder of a blog called "Hitting the Sweet Spot, by Bob Skelley" (at He also is president of Robert Skelley Consulting, a technology-based consulting firm in Louisville, Ky. While the bulk of Bob’s experience plays to his persistent and lifelong-acquired technical talents, at his core, his creative side -- the writer, the singer, the songwriter, the musician -- remains a huge part of his communication and expression toolbox.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Bob Skelley and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications Inc. or its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

The heartbreak of capacitor incontinence

The logic board is the heart of your computer. And the computer's heart is an extension of your own. So, what happens when your heart is breaking? All kinds of not-so-good things.

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