Ben Worthen

Senior Writer

The sky really is falling

Ed Lazowska, co-chairman of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee, says that there is a looming security crisis, and the government, vendors and CIOs aren't doing enough to stop it.

Wireless finally connects

CIO's wireless survey shows that as tech spending slump begins to ease, wireless technology is back on the front burner.

When wirless works

The ROI for wireless was once assumed to be a given. Today, many consider it anything but. But if you follow these emerging best practices, your project can achieve many happy returns.

Taking over the chain gang

As IT becomes a primary driver of business strategy and profits, it makes sense to put the CIO in charge of your company's supply chain.

Is modern digital technology always best?

In 1927, Dallas blues guitarist and singer Blind Lemon Jefferson, who despite his trademark spectacles was blind from birth, recorded some sides for Paramount. A modern recording session it wasn't -- Jefferson didn't even use a...

Location may be the next killer app

AT THE PROGRESSIVE CORP., CIO Ray Voelker has run a pilot auto insurance project that studies drivers' behavior here and now, rather than waiting to catch up with traffic tickets and accident reports. In the Autograph project,...

Linux Is on a Mission

THE I.S. DEPARTMENT at Grede Foundries, a $600-million-a-year metals company in Milwaukee, was stuck with an IBM 390 mainframe. After years of developing skills on the big iron, changing business needs forced a move to the Web, which...

Big Iron?

EVERY 13-YEAR-OLD BOY knows the joke about the lonely housewife, resigned to her chores while her feminine urges go unfulfilled. Well, look out milkmen, it's no longer just a joke. Procter & Gamble recently patented an...

Surfing in Tongues

WORLD WIDE WEB addresses were recently liberated from the tyranny of roman characters. This blow to the English language's hegemony came on Nov. 10, 2000, when Mountain View, Calif.-based domain name registrar VeriSign started...

Time to Get Nervous

I'M NOT A HACKER. I don't know the first thing about breaking into corporate information systems. Yet one night recently, I went looking for a wireless network signal. As I walked through downtown Boston's financial district with my...

Measuring the ROI of training

Mellon Financial designed a training program aimed specifically at reducing staff turnover. Through constant analysis and improvement, it dropped its attrition rate from 20 percent in 1997 to 12 percent in 1999 and 10 percent in...

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