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Shellshock attackers targeting NAS devices

iPhone 6 fingerprint scanner found to be accurate enough for Apple Pay

iPhone 6 fingerprint scanner found to be accurate enough for Apple Pay

Apple's iPhone 6 fingerprint scanner has a level of accuracy that makes it a solid authentication tool for people planning to use the smartphone in place of a credit card for in-store purchases, research shows.

The limits of Apple's iOS 8 privacy features

The limits of Apple's iOS 8 privacy features

The privacy improvements in the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system provide necessary, but limited, protection to customers, experts say.

Six ways to prevent a breach like the one at AT&T

A data breach like the one recently reported by AT&T demonstrates that security policies alone are only a paper tiger without the technological teeth to make sure they are enforced, experts say.

Target top security officer reporting to CIO seen as a mistake

In hiring its first CISO to prevent another massive data breach, Target made a mistake in not having the top security officer report directly to the chief executive, experts say.

How to defend against the OpenSSL Heartbleed flaw

CSOs need to take a number of steps as soon as possible to protect their organizations against the OpenSSL vulnerability that has shaken the tech industry, experts say.

Banks' suit in Target breach a 'wake-up call' for companies hiring PCI auditors

A lawsuit filed by two banks against Target and Trustwave Holdings, the retailer's security assessor and service provider, could lead to more rigorous evaluations of a company's security for protecting payment card data, experts say.

Experts warn against judging Firefox on its poor Pwn2Own performance

Mozilla Firefox was the loser in this year's Pwn2Own hackfest, but experts warn against placing too much importance on the number of zero-day vulnerabilities found in the Web browser.

Why the NSA gets higher marks for privacy than business

Those of you following the steady stream of news stories on the  National Security Agency's insatiable appetite for information already know that the spy agency has figured out how to snatch data from mobile apps. Since 2007, The...

Blackphone will learn security alone doesn't sell

Can a smartphone manufacturer turn a profit by making security and privacy the linchpins of its product? I doubt it, but Blackphone believes it's possible. Our privacy savior The company is betting businesses and consumers will...

Security researchers sometimes get it wrong

Google has joined Samsung in defending Knox, the latter company's Android security platform that university researchers claimed contained a major flaw that could allow a hacker to capture file transfers, emails and browser...

Snapchat, lobbyists and the security crapshoot

Most mobile app makers do not get security, so using their products is becoming a crapshoot. You never know if you'll get a seven or snake eyes. The latter is what 4.6 million Snapchat users got recently when the mobile messaging...

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