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Life in IT: Tech ideals meet user reality

IT pros share their real-life, on-the-job stories. Here's a look at memorable ones from the last year

Undercover: A Painful Lack of Security Jobs

We can blame it all on this dastardly economy, but even in good periods, qualified individuals find it difficult to land a job as an executive.

A Day In The Life of Two IT Security Curmudgeons

Two IT security guys survive a routine day the way many of us do -- by observing their daily challenges in words one might find career-limiting. Here they speak frankly -- and anonymously -- in diary entries of 140 characters or less....

Surviving Layoffs: Five Lessons from the Trenches

A tech exec shares advice from the school of hard knocks as he faces his sixth job change in 10 years.

Undercover: A Case of Help Desk Failure

A s the engagement leader on security assessment projects for our clients, I frequently run into what I call the "IT Myopathy Syndrome."

Diary of a Data Breach Investigation


The Company that Did Everything Wrong, Part 2

It was 1 a.m. and we had been working on our client's data breach for eight hours. Most of the team had been awake for 20-plus hours, and fatigue was starting to set in when Bob discovered something.

Undercover: The Company that Did Everything Wrong

The plane landed late afternoon at a small airport in California that looked like it could have been a scene from a 1960s movie. My team and I walked down the metal stairs (no Jetway at this airport) and across the tarmac to the...

When lawyers use Napster at work

Anonymous network staffer recalls battles with snooty attorneys at District Attorney's office.

Trouble in homicide: A network detective story

A major metropolitan police department demeans the current IT staff and brings in a hot-shot contractor to install and run a network, but guess who saves the day in an emergency?

Programming in Paris -- without a work permit

Dreams of typing code while sitting in a cafe on the Champs-Elysees quickly die as even sleep becomes a luxury.

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