Andrew Glover

When Andrew Glover isn't listening to “Funkytown” or “Le Freak” he enjoys speaking on the No Fluff Just Stuff Tour. He also writes articles for multiple online publications including IBM's developerWorks and O'Reilly’s ONJava and ONLamp portals. Andrew is also the co-author of Java Testing Patterns, which was published by Wiley in September 2004; Addison-Wesley’s Continuous Integration; and Manning’s Groovy in Action.

InfoWorld review: Heroku cloud application platform

Heroku pairs rapid application deployment with a wealth of developer tools, but is light on manageability. Insider (free registration required)

InfoWorld review: Engine Yard Cloud

Engine Yard offers fine-grained control over all aspects of the environment, at the cost of speed and ease. Insider (free registration required)

Ruby clouds: Engine Yard vs. Heroku

Engine Yard provides the most extensive control over the application environment, while Heroku makes life easier for developers

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