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eGuide | Presented by Anchor

A Starters Guide for Migrating to the Cloud

This eGuide reveals top tips for businesses considering a migration to the cloud with a focus on AWS migration.

Konsument-IT vs traditionell IT

Den moderna världen är nästan helt konsumentbaserad. Allt vi använder från streamingtjänster till telefonkontrakt är on-demand. Så varför är det inte samma sak när det gäller ditt företag? Denna infografiska översikt diskuterar fördelarna med HPE GreenLake och skillnaderna mellan konsumentbaserad IT och traditionell IT

Thinking Big: Why a growth mindset in cloud adoption will enable your transformation goals

This white paper discusses why a growth mindset in cloud adoption helps to enable an organisation’s transformational goals.

White Paper | Presented by TEST

Ransomware Realities for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

This white paper explains the impact of ransomware on organisations, explores factors that lead to increased vulnerability and how to better secure an organisation.

White Paper | Presented by Data Republic

How to Define An Enterprise Data Ecosystem Strategy

This white paper discusses the value of enterprise data ecosystems as drivers of corporate growth and explores the challenges of implementing a data ecosystem strategy.

White Paper | Presented by Help Systems

The GoAnywhere Book of Secure File Transfer Project Examples

This white paper discusses a collection of real-world managed file transfer (MFT) projects that businesses can use to inform the creation of their own MFT programmes.

White Paper | Presented by Salesforce

The APAC Employee Engagement Report

This white paper looks at how businesses are using technology to improve employee engagement.

SD-Branch – Securing Your Financial Services Organisation with Aruba SD-Branch

This on-demand webinar discusses how financial services organisations can secure themselves more effectively by utilising Aruba SD-Branch.

Digital Document Processes in 2020: A Spotlight On APAC

This Forrester white paper examines responses from ITDMs to evaluate how digital document processes are helping to maintain operations and strengthen business resilience.

Digital Document Processes in 2020: A Spotlight On E-Signatures

This Forrester white paper looks at how e-signatures are supporting business resilience and why organisations are growing their e-signatures capabilities.

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