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Is Elon Musk’s ‘return to office’ mandate genius or corporate suicide?

Elon Musk's demand that workers return to the office full time could be his way of culling "undesirables" from his workforce, but experts say it's a highly dangerous strategy that may end up backfiring.

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Video collaboration startup Loom announces layoffs

The asynchronous video software firm, valued at $1.5bn, has reportedly cut 34 employees, as tech startups react to wider economic uncertainty.

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Apple confirms the scale of App Store fraud

Apple says millions of fraudulent attempts are made against the App Store and its users each year as criminals get smarter and exploits more complex.

slack profile ui changes

Slack revamps user profiles for better connections

Users of the team collaboration app can customize their profile with more personal information, which the company hopes will help connect remote teams more effectively.


Salesforce to slow hiring and M&A activity after posting strong Q1 results

The CRM giant started the financial year well, but admitted it will slow down hiring and M&A activity, as technology companies continue to get hit hard by the stock market.

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2022 Australia tech conference and event guide

Computerworld Australia’s updated guide to in-person and virtual events for technology and IT pros.

oztech roundup

OzTech: More investment on AI; WA improves data links; Tech Central’s $8M research fund; A/NZ software spending up; small businesses invest in tech again

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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Podcast Today in Tech

WWDC 2022 Preview

Apple’s big Worldwide Developers Conference is coming up in less than two weeks. While it’s uncertain there’ll be new hardware , there will be previews of upcoming versions of macOS, iOS, iPadOS and more. This week Macworld Executive...

Microsoft headquarters

Microsoft pumps the brakes on hiring

Microsoft is pulling back on hiring tech talent for its Windows, Office and Teams chat and conferencing software groups.

Tap to Pay iPhone

Apple’s bid for ubiquity across the US retail industry comes into view

Apple has solutions across the retail consumer's payments journey, making mobile payments a reality in America.

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Microsoft security vulnerabilities drop after five-year rise

While elevated privilege attacks remain a critical security concern when using Microsoft products, a new report says that the raw number of vulnerabilities is dropping.

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Microsoft looks to make Teams screen-sharing more interactive with Live Share

The Live Share SDK, announced at Microsoft’s Build event this week, lets developers turn any third-party application into a “multiplayer” Teams app.

Android 13

Android 13's dueling identities

What's Android 13 actually all about? It's an unusually complicated question — with a surprisingly simple answer.

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Adobe tightens Microsoft integration for document management, validation

Teams, Power Automate, and more will all receive more direct integration with Adobe’s document management services.

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Software QA workers at Activision vote to unionize

Staffers at Activision subsidiary Raven Software, which helps create the “Call of Duty" video game series, approved a proposal to unionize on Monday.

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What Gen Z and millennials want from employers

Young workers not only want better pay, they want previously less-popular benefits such as mental health care and four-day workweeks, according to three surveys by separate companies. And they want to work for a company that cares...

oztech roundup

OzTech: Cybersecurity training for women in Victoria; Top 5 skills Aussie techies are after

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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Some tech firms hit the pause button on hiring

Though the job market remains tight, several large tech companies, including Salesforce, Twitter and Meta, have slowed the hiring of new staff amid rising inflation and market uncertainty; other companies have decided to cut jobs...

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Podcast Today in Tech

Podcast: Could hardware supply chain issues upend Apple’s WWDC plans?

Not-so-breaking news: Supply chain constraints continue to challenge technology manufacturers, and Apple is no exception. While the wait for some Macs is quite short, others, like the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro face wait times of...

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Microsoft pledges changes to European cloud licensing policies

Microsoft has outlined a new set of European Cloud Principles in response to criticism from rival European cloud providers and increasing regulatory scrutiny.

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