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A blockchain/IoT combo could reduce food fraud by $131B in five years

Blockchain is gaining ground in the supply chain arena, verifying not only the provenance of goods, but enabling suppliers of meats and produce to verify their origins and ensure regulatory rules are met.

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Microsoft touts Edge's new tab page connection to Office 365

By using group policy objects, IT admins can turn the browser into a front end for Office 365 with an enterprise-centric new tab page.

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Infosys to deliver new welfare payment calculation engine for Centrelink

Infosys will rollout out a new Entitlement Calculation Engine for Centrelink as one element of the government’s mammoth Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation (WPIT) program.

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NRMA rolls out Intel’s Mobileye tech to keep its drivers safer on the road

The National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) has deployed an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) to help drivers while on the road.

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Services minister pushes ‘whole of government technology architecture’

Government services minister Stuart Robert says he has asked the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to engage with the Commonwealth’s largest IT shops to create a taskforce that can “explore what a single whole of government...

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NSW’s plan to overhaul aging frontline applications, build ‘digital twin’

‘Beyond Digital’ strategy outlines data-driven effort to continue overhauling service delivery

Network Networking Ethernet

Government has another crack at subsidy for regional NBN services

Communications minister Paul Fletcher has reintroduced (slightly tweaked) legislation to implement the Regional Broadband Scheme (RBS): A charge levied on non-NBN so-called ‘superfast’ broadband services.

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Federal MPs to receive phishing training in wake of parliament hack

DPS to stage simulated phishing of MPs and parliamentary staff

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Vic Police want warrant-free access to MAC addresses, destination IP details

Victoria Police have used a parliamentary review of Australia’s data retention regime to call for greater access to a range of data relating to IP traffic.

Smishing, an SMS phishing attack / Vishing, a voice phishing attack by phone

New rules for telcos to help combat SMS phishing

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has unveiled a range of initiatives as part of its Scams Technology Project, including pushing for telcos to implement SMS filtering to try to combat text-message-based phishing....

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Google adds AI smarts to G Suite with Google Assistant and Docs updates

Google’s AI assistant can now be accessed in beta, while Smart Compose has been extended to Google Docs as well as Gmail.

Android 10 Gem

Android 10's unexpected gem

One of Android 10's most useful features is something you might not even think to try.

Andrew Penn Telstra

Telstra CEO to lead industry panel for government’s cyber strategy

Telstra’s chief executive, Andy Penn, will chair a new industry panel chosen to advise the government on the development of a refreshed cyber security strategy.

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NBN Co outlines cheaper gigabit offering, action on protocol overhead

NBN Co has released a close-out paper from its pricing consultation process, pledging a new scheme to help tackle the impact of network protocol overhead on end user speeds as well as allowing a retail service provider (RSP) to...

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Running Win10 version 1803 or 1809? You have options. Here’s how to control your upgrade.

With support for the venerable Win10 version 1803 officially at an end, and 1809 not too long for this earth, it’s time to think seriously about upgrading. Fortunately, you have lots of options — and a surprising amount of control...

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Why isn't Apple (yet) supporting Tim Berners-Lee to 'save the web'?

The inventor of the web has launched a campaign to make sure the web benefits everyone, but Apple hasn't joined up yet.

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack

Food fight: Slack and Microsoft trade barbs, sling stats in collaboration app battle

Although Slack led the way on chat-based collaboration software, Microsoft pushed back with its own Teams app. Now, the two companies are battling for enterprise hearts and minds (and users).

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DTA plans whole-of-government ‘telco marketplace’

Canberra’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) is gearing up for new telecommunications procurement arrangements.

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Roadshow, Netflix seek to block open source Popcorn Time app

Village Roadshow is spearheading a new effort to obtain Federal Court orders directing major Australian ISPs to block their customers from accessing eighty-seven online services accused of facilitating piracy. The effort is backed...

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ANZ, CBA call for better threat intelligence sharing

ANZ and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia have used a public consultation on updating the government’s national cyber security strategy to push for better threat intelligence sharing both between major enterprises and the public and...

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