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HSBC’s plan to move $20B in assets to blockchain could be a watershed moment

The investment bank's trust of blockchain is likely to spur confidence in the nascent technology.

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6 smart things to think over with Google's leadership shuffle

If you want to process this week's bombshell that Google's founders are resigning, these are the themes you should focus on.

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All’s clear to install Microsoft’s November patches

The one pervasive bug — an Access 'Query xxx is corrupt' error in all Office patches — has a manual fix. Everything else looks good to go. For those of you who have been putting off patching until the coast is clear, well, the coast...

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Mozilla in trouble? 2018 revenue fell 20%, expenses exceed income for first time

The Firefox browser maker argued the financial data looks worse than it is, and said it ‘remains in a strong financial position with cash reserves’ to carry on.

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Optus announces new CEO as Allen Lew departs

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin has been appointed CEO of Optus and Singtel’s Consumer Australia as Allen Lew has taken on a new role.

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Government coy on metadata encryption exemption for telcos

Revealing which telecommunications providers have been granted exemptions from a requirement to encrypt information covered by the data retention scheme could expose them to security risks or public ridicule, according to officials at...

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Morrison reveals Services Australia changes, comms department amalgamation

Services Australia will be transformed into an executive agency sitting within the Social Services Department as part of an overhaul of the Australian Public Service’s (APS) structure announced today by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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New submarine cable to connect Barossa offshore gas project

Vocus has signed a deal with the Barossa Joint Venture to build, operate and own a 500km high-capacity submarine fibre optic network in the Northern Territory.


RMIT to house AWS-backed cyber innovation centre

RMIT University will house an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) focused on cyber resilience.

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Proposed changes to Australia’s 'encryption' laws win telco backing

A group representing the telecommunications industry and a number of prominent human rights advocates have welcomed a Labor-backed bill to amend Australia’s ‘encryption’ laws but called for more thoroughgoing changes to the...

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TPG’s Teoh joins telco CEO chorus criticising NBN’s enterprise ambitions

TPG’s CEO David Teoh is the latest telco chief to take exception to NBN Co’s push into the enterprise space.

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Windows by the numbers: Windows 10 hits late wall, stalls

With support for Windows 7 ending in January, the push to upgrade to Windows 10 continues. But the pace of Win10 adoptions stalled in November.

Broken window with band-aid patch

Microsoft Patch Alert: November patches behave themselves – with a few exceptions

After all the calisthenics required by the October 2019 patches, November gave us a much-deserved break. Although Win10 1909 has some lingering problems, other versions– Win7, 8.1, Win10 1803, 1809, and 1903 – saw relatively few...

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Labor to unveil bill to amend 'encryption' law

Shadow home affairs minister Senator Kristina Keneally will tomorrow introduce a bill to amend Australia’s controversial ‘encryption’ laws.

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Data-matching practices of loyalty schemes under fire

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has called for operators of customer loyalty schemes to strengthen their privacy practices.

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Top web browsers 2019: No end in sight for Firefox's losses

Mozilla's efforts to make Firefox more attractive as a web browser have failed to move the share needle. Meanwhile, Google's Chrome continues its dominance.

Election security / vulnerabilities

iVote developer acknowledges vulnerability, defends election security

The vendor that developed core components of New South Wales’ iVote system has released an analysis of a vulnerability discovered in the online voting platform, arguing that an attack based on it is “extremely difficult to implement...

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Optus to fork out $6.4m after ACCC court action over NBN marketing

Optus will pay a $6.4 million fine for making misleading claims about migration to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

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