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'I Voted' sticker / abstract data encryption / secure voting in elections

10 untruthful lies liar untrustworthy

Google and Microsoft have gone too far

Google and Microsoft are using dark pattern design to trick or force users to do things they never intended. Is it time to switch to more ethical search engines? (We list 10 alternatives.)

six big projects that went open source 1

Can developers dictate how their software is used?

The politics of the Silicon Valley are colliding with customers and impacting innocent bystanders who put their trust in open source software.

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Welcome to Insider Pro

For more than 50 years, IDG has earned the trust of its readers with authoritative coverage of the technology industry. Insider Pro is the natural evolution of the insightful coverage our publications have produced for decades.

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Former U.S. regulator leads effort to create digital dollar

The project will explore how a cryptocurrency could produce a more efficient and safer means of cross-border trade, clearance and settlement.

facial recognition - biometric security identification

3 reasons you can’t fight facial recognition

The biometric backlash is but a brief blip. Resistance is futile. You WILL be identified. But is that good or bad?

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Australian National Blockchain ‘smart contract’ consortium eyes 2020 product launch

A consortium that brings together IBM, CSIRO’s Data61 division and international law firm Herbert Smith Freehills to develop blockchain-based services is preparing to launch its first product this year.

Google 2020 Worry

Google's greatest worry in 2020 isn't what you'd expect

Of all the challenges Google faces this year, one hurdle seems particularly pressing — and problematic.

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Is AI judging your personality?

Forget ‘surveillance capitalism.’ AI-based social media monitoring could cost you a job, college admission, rental property and more – and you’ll never know how it happened.

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New tech chief for MLC ahead of NAB spin-out

Darren McKenzie, the chief operating officer UK and international for RSA insurance, will take on the top tech role at MLC Wealth in March.

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Reserve Bank sees potential in ‘digital Australian dollar’

The Reserve Bank of Australia believes that although there may be risks associated with a “digital Australian dollar,” it is exploring whether there is potential value in developing a digital currency that could be used by wholesale...

CSO slideshow - Insider Security Breaches - Spam email identified

Will spam die in 2020?

The problem with spam isn't that it's a time-wasting annoyance, but that it drives us away from phone calls and emails to bad media.

CW  >  In Memoriam 2019  >  Luminaries we lost this year

Tech luminaries we lost in 2019

We remember scientists, programmers, engineers, and business leaders who bettered the world through technology.

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Podcast IDG TECHtalk

Top tech stories of 2019

The new Apple Card, the battle for cryptocurrency dominance, cybersecurity skills shortage – just a few of the stories that made headlines in 2019. Watch as IDG TECH(talk) hosts Ken Mingis and Juliet Beauchamp discuss the top tech...

Android evolution - roadmap - steps - progress

Why does everyone want to replace Android?

Several companies – including Google – are working hard to replace Android with other operating systems. Here's why and which OS is the likely victor.

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Australia’s open banking regime delayed

The launch of Australia’s open banking regime will be pushed back from February 2020 to July 2020, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced.

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Inside the ASX’s blockchain play: How ASX plans to bring DLT to corporate Australia

ASX isn’t just building out a replacement for its core clearing and settlement system; it’s building a platform for hosting blockchain-based DAML applications

Binary chain links of data  >  Blockchain / blockchain security / linked elements

Inside the ASX’s blockchain play: Exchange operator prepares to challenge tech giants

ASX’s is not just using blockchain-inspired technology to replace one of its core systems, it also wants to use the technology to host third party applications

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ATO claims victory, with Google to fork out $481.5 million more in tax

Dispute with ATO covered period 2008 to 2018

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