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A giraffe at Taronga Zoo Sydney, Australia [NSW, Opera House, CBD in background]

Why Taronga Zoo rolled out Workplace by Facebook

Taronga Zoo’s HR chief says the organisation has been using Facebook’s enterprise collaboration platform as a way of pushing out key messages to a highly heterogeneous workforce comprising both employees and a large number of...

gmail speed tips

8 tips and tricks to speed up Gmail

Gmail feeling sluggish? Here are a few easy ways to make it load and respond more quickly so you can get your work done.

Coles Supermarket, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Chadstone, Australia [2017.08.25]

SAP Ariba helps Coles cut procurement costs

Coles Group’s chief executive, Steven Cain, says that the retailer’s implementation of SAP Ariba is already “enabling procurement savings and streamlining processes”.

Facebook Workplace

Why HyperloopTT uses Facebook’s Workplace for team communications

Companies looking to better connect workers spread across time zones have a variety of options; Microsoft, Google, Slack and Facebook all compete in the collaboration arena. Sometimes, one of those options stands out among the others....

Abstract numbers for stock exchange

ASX prepares to launch DAML training service

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is looking at DLT Solutions, DataSphere and Sympli to help it grow revenue and provide new services to customers.

youtube thumbnails template 021020

What is Python?

Learn about the hottest programming language around -- what it can do for you, what it’s best for, and when it’s not a good choice.

future what is next

Fast forward: What's coming in future versions of Chrome?

Every time Google updates its browser, it publishes release notes aimed at enterprises to highlight upcoming additions, substitutions, enhancements and modifications. Here's some of what's coming.

Facebook Workplace

CERN bails on Facebook’s Workplace, cites cost

The research organization, which operates the large hadron collider, will instead opt for open-source messaging app Mattermost to replace its trial test of Workplace.

IDG Tech Spotlight  >  Security  >  UEM/unified endpoint management and security

UEM to marry security — finally — after long courtship

Machine learning will be key in evaluating whether a mobile device and its user should be allowed to connect to a corporate application or data silo, as user behavior becomes a part of overall endpoint security.

cryptocurrency blockchain digital financial security by just super getty

Government believes blockchain could boost finance sector competition

The federal government says that blockchain technology may provide an opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in the financial services sector, as well as enhance the competitiveness of new market players and support...

Australian Parliament House, Capital Hill, Canberra, Australia

Federal government prepares for 'GovERP' trial

The Department of Finance has announced an industry briefing to "prepare and educate" the market on the GovERP project before launching "multiple approaches to market".

Chrome extensions/support for Gmail

The best Google Chrome extensions for business pros

From email tamers to scheduling aids to privacy protectors, these 20 Chrome extensions make the most popular web browser even more powerful and useful for business.

Rearview students with hands up teacher in background [students, education, question time]

Learning the lessons from Queensland’s SPER debacle

The Queensland Audit Office has issued a better practice guide for entities involved in ICT projects following the results of the audit on the SPER project.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google opens up Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for direct purchases

Developers will be allowed to buy the smartglasses individually as Google looks to build business demand.

edge browser logo microsoft

Microsoft advisory shows whether Edge keeps up with Chrome's patching

The advisory will be updated when Microsoft releases a new version of Edge that includes publicly disclosed security updates from the Chromium project.

Microsoft Office 365 logo

Office 365: A guide to the updates

Get the latest info on new features, bug fixes, and security updates for Office 365 for Windows as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for Version 2001 (Build 12430.20184), released Jan. 30, 2020.

fail epic fail disaster disrupt upset angry thinkstock

Oops! Microsoft gets 'black eye' from Teams outage

Users of Microsoft’s team collaboration app were unable to login Monday after the company forgot to renew an authentication certificate.

Google G Suite vs. Microsoft Office

G Suite vs. Office 365: What's the best office suite for business?

Choosing an office suite used to be a no-brainer, but Google’s G Suite is now a powerful, feature-filled alternative to Microsoft Office. We break down the pros and cons of each suite to help you decide which is right for your...

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