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Government agencies face big onus after cloud-security decision

Amidst concerns about hack of Defence personnel database, agencies directed to self-assess cloud security

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Facebook changes its Libra plans to include more cryptocurrencies

After seeing the departure of key members of its non-profit development body – and facing regulatory pressure – Facebook appears to be ready to be more inclusive in its cryptocurrency plans.

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Apple's Claris brings digital transformation to the rest of us

New solution gives smaller companies a chance to use the same kind of digital business processes their larger competitors do

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Defence selects Sliced Tech to implement cloud-hosted education system

The Department of Defence has selected Canberra-based Sliced Tech to implement TechnologyOne’s education software for the department.

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Challo pushes enterprise collaboration across company walls

A new enterprise collaboration system for iOS means companies can work together better – and more securely – than before.

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Understanding who manages the cloud

As organisations become increasingly comfortable with the idea of the cloud, more of them are adopting various cloud-based services and moving more of their data and workloads into the cloud.

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The tech IT professionals love: 5G, cloud management, Graph API

There’s plenty of technology to be excited about, but the IT pros we talked with say 5G, cloud management tools and Graph API tools are the technologies they love. They shared their thoughts in a recent IDG TECH(talk) Twitter chat.

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CBA aims to slash its application footprint by 25 per cent

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia currently runs around 3500 applications and chief executive Matt Comyn wants to slash that footprint by 25 per cent as part of CBA’s ongoing simplification efforts.

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Anticipating IBM’s coming virtual desktop pivot

With its recent cloud success and a new CEO, IBM is likely to put forth a powerful competitor to the coming Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. This Virtual Desktop move will undoubtedly change the PC landscape, with IBM holding the...

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Is Apple's iCloud Folder Sharing a shadow IT problem?

Apple is preparing to introduce iCloud Folder Sharing across both its Mac and iOS platforms. This is a big blessing for collaboration, but is it safe?

Chromebook Tune-up

The 20-minute Chromebook tune-up

Make your Chromebook faster, smarter, and more pleasant to use with these easy-to-follow annual steps.

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Oracle expands Gen 2 Cloud with Melbourne region

Oracle has expanded the Australian footprint of its Generation 2 Cloud, officially announcing the launch of a Melbourne data centre for the service.

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MIT's blockchain-based 'Spider' offers 4X faster cryptocurrency processing

The researchers are using a something similar to packet switching to more efficiently re-route crypto transactions – a move that could rival traditional banking.

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Microsoft says Teams ready for use with classified government data

Microsoft Teams is now certified at the Protected level following a recent assessment of Microsoft Office 365 platform.

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Seattle tries out mobile voting

But voter skepticism about online security has some Washington state officials responsible for general elections wary of rolling out the tech.

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Australian Electoral Commission develops public-facing APIs

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has used Microsoft Azure to develop and manage its first suite of public-facing APIs.

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Former U.S. regulator leads effort to create digital dollar

The project will explore how a cryptocurrency could produce a more efficient and safer means of cross-border trade, clearance and settlement.

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Kadena launches a hybrid platform to connect public, private blockchains

The JP Morgan startup's blockchain braids together multiple interoperable chains via smart contracts over which users can transact business via cryptocurrency.

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