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Demand for talent  >  Two business people compete for a third in a tug of war

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The cloud comes down to earth

An ever-expanding universe of cloud platforms, services, and applications have become fundamental to business and IT operations.

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How to choose a SaaS management platform

Thanks to pandemic-spurred remote work, companies face a deluge of new cloud-based applications in use across the enterprise. Tools that can handle the SaaS sprawl aim to discover, manage, and secure those apps.

What you should do before your cloud goes down

When Amazon Web Services recently had a case of network hiccups, we all found out how miserable it is to have all our IT eggs in one cloud basket. We can do better. Here’s how.

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AWS outage hit collaboration vendors, highlights risk of cloud-based tools

Software-as-a-service providers including Slack, Trello, Asana, and Smartsheet saw disruptions after API and network issues hit Amazon Web Services’ U.S. data center.

oztech roundup

OzTech: Borders re-opening delayed; Microsoft cloud certified strategic; IT job ads down; Connectivity funds; Fibre for Adelaide; WA invests in cyber, data science

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

oztech roundup

OzTech: ANZ software market reaches $10.5B; LaunchVic updated startup program; MacTel hires engineers

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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Finally! Adobe rolls out Photoshop and Illustrator for DaaS users

Desktop-as-a-Service continues to gain traction, and Adobe has finally filled the last holes in its deployment with web-based versions of Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s about time.

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Apple needs to introduce an iCloud business suite for the enterprise

Apple has an opportunity to create a suite of online services aimed at its growing congregation of enterprise users.

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OzTech: AWS beats Microsoft to government’s hosting certification; Australian Army wants to test quantum computing

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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How to choose the best desktop-as-a-service solution

With the future of work moving from office cubicles to the home, DaaS is becoming a more attractive choice than ever.

Computerworld slideshow: Top 10 file-sharing options [COVER]

10 top file-sharing services: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more

Most file-sharing services have evolved into full-blown collaboration platforms. We look at 10 online services ranging from basic to enterprise-level.

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What is iCloud+ (and why should you use it)?

If you’ve been upgraded to iCloud+ at no additional charge, you probably want to know what you're getting into....

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Pandemic-driven digital transformation increases IaaS adoption in Australia

Australian organisations opt more for hyperscale clouds due to their visibility.

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Salesforce builds out its Health Cloud with remote patient monitoring tool

The company is increasing its focus on the healthcare sector with an Intelligent appointment management tool and HIPAA compliance for Salesforce Maps; the features were unveiled during this week's HIMSS 21.

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Apple says it won’t expand controversial CSAM technology

Apple has tried to deflect criticism of its controversial CSAM protection system, but in doing so has illustrated what’s at stake.

oztech roundup

OzTech: Quantum hub comes to Tech Central; NSW extends digital photo card trial; IT popular in JobTrainer courses; Aussie spending on IoT and cloud services rises; NSW’s $6 million R&D fund

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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Teradici brings Mac-as-a-service to multiple platforms

You can even access a remote Mac from a Windows Surface using Teradici's Cloud Access Software solution.

oztech roundup

OzTech: Google Cloud launches Melbourne region; Networking infrastructure market bounces back; Cybersecurity traineeship program and NSW tech courses; Review of regional telecoms services

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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