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Q&A: How AI can help enterprise HR automate employee experiences

Working closely with her company's IT department, STL Chief Human Resources Officer Anjali Byce has continued to experiment with artificial intelligence to automate employee experiences — and keep her finger on the pulse of worker...

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NYC law governing AI-based hiring tools goes live

The new law, aimed at organizations using automated hiring tools, will require regular audits of those tools to prove they don't have baked-in biases against gender or race.

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AI will kill these jobs (but create new ones, too)

While experts agree AI will automate many manual, low-level tasks, it will also free up workers to take on more important jobs, such as project management and AI training and auditing.

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IT firms expect to increase hiring next quarter, ManpowerGroup says

Global staffing firm ManpowerGroup surveyed nearly 6,000 US employers and found that far from laying off employees, companies are still on the hunt for tech talent.

Should SMBs worry about a recession?

In a word, no. Companies that think they have to pull back on investments and cut head count are on the wrong track.

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Q&A: For UST’s CTO, AI is ‘a necessary evil’

Niranjan Ramsunder, CTO of UST, has been learning how generative AI can create efficiencies and reduce costs for the IT services firm’s clients, while at the same time navigating the technology’s considerable risks.

No, digital nomads aren’t pricing locals out of their homes

The claim that traveling remote workers are causing housing inflation has no basis in fact.

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Senate hearings see a clear and present danger from AI — and opportunities

Two Senate committees met separately Tuesday with industry experts, including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, on how to control artificial intelligence as it barrels down the development highway, threatening privacy and rights as it goes.


LinkedIn lays off 716 staffers, to shut China job app

The layoffs, which come at a time when the company is turning 20, are part of the company’s new strategy to match evolving market conditions, CEO Ryan Roslansky said in a letter to employees.

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Job cuts may intensify as IBM plans to use AI to replace 30% of back office jobs

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said he expects AI to impact at least 7,800 jobs at the company over the next five years.

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Janco: IT managers earn more than other top execs

Top IT leaders and managers make, on average, some of the highest salaries in the US, surpassing even top executives in other jobs.

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Schools look to ban ChatGPT, students use it anyway

ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies are already being used by students to write essays and answer questions posed by teachers and professors, and academia must learn to incorporate and not ban these new tools, experts say.

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Q&A: How 2023 college grads can boost chances of finding their IT dream job

There's a major shortage of talent to fill more than 300,000 open tech jobs in the US, but applicants sometimes find employers ghost them. The reason? A skills mismatch that graduates need to overcome before finding that perfect job.

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Down in Q1, US IT job market rebounded slightly in March: Report

The median salary for IT pros in 2023 will be 3% to 4% above 2022 salary levels, not the 7% to 8% that was budgeted for 2023, according to a Janco Associates report.

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Nearly four in five employers struggle to fill job roles, a 17-year high

A plethora of job openings and dearth in available talent make an odd juxtaposition with numerous high-profile layoffs in the technology industry and elsewhere during the past six months.

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As US moves to regain microchip leadership, some say it never left

As the US government begins to dispense tens of billions of dollars to get microchip makers to relocate manufacturing to the US, hurdles remain, including an increasingly diversified global supply chain that no one country can...

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Legislation to rein in AI’s use in hiring grows

States and municipalities are eyeing restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence-based bots to find, screen, interview, and hire job candidates because of privacy and bias issues. Some states have already put laws on the books....

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Q&A: Univ. of Phoenix CIO says chatbots could threaten innovation

CIO Jamie Smith's engineering team is building out a skills inference model using generative AI technology. But he's also concerned that if chatbots are allowed to replace IT workers, originality will die.

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How to train your chatbot through prompt engineering

While most large language models like OpenAI's GPT-4 are pre-filled with massive amounts of information, 'prompt engineering' allows generative AI to be tailored for specific industry or even organizational use.

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