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‘IT that just works’: A mantra for innovation at Kinaxis

A commitment to excellence and continuous learning helps IT teams reach their full potential at the No. 5 midsize company on Computerworld’s ‘Best Places to Work in IT 2024’ list.

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At UKG, diversity is a linchpin of better IT and business outcomes

A merger of two software companies was the catalyst for a culture of representation at the No. 3 large organization on Computerworld’s ‘Best Places to Work in IT 2024’ list.

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OpenAI's ChatGPT turns one year old; what it did (and didn't do)

During the past 12 months, ChatGPT has fundamentally changed the landscape of AI. While warnings of impending doom from AI self-awareness still hang in the air, the technology has also surprised many by taking on tasks never thought...

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Q&A: ServiceNow CIO sees an 'iPhone moment' for genAI

Chris Bedi has been involved in a full-court press to take advantage of the productivity, efficiency, and efficacy capabilities of artificial intelligence for years. But when ChatGPT launched a year ago, everything changed.

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How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

Even as the US overall added jobs to the economy in October, the tech sector saw a drop in hiring and salaries.

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It’s time to take your genAI skills to the next level

The word of the year should be “complementarity.” Whoever best combines their existing skillset with AI knowledge wins.

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UK launches $143 million AI skills package, with new visa scheme

In an attempt to boost AI expertise across the UK, the government has announced a new skills package designed to attract and retain talent to bolster the country’s AI tech sector.

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Q&A: The human-machine relationship requires mutual understanding, respect for AI

Three Gartner Research executives weighed in on the coming wave of generative AI apps and how human interaction with machines will redefine how CIOs, CEOs and everyone else see it. And don't forget to say 'please' and 'thank you.'

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Teaching AI to behave is the fastest-growing career skill

Generative AI platforms require tailoring for specific tasks — and it's that skill employers are seeking in new employees or in opportunities to upskill current workers.

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A flight simulator for the office: How VR is helping workers hone soft skills

With virtual reality-based training, employees can practice skills such as public speaking and conflict resolution in a safe environment, building confidence before taking on challenges in the real world.

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Microsoft targets skills gap with new AI-powered Skills in Viva

Skills in Viva becomes the latest addition to Microsoft’s employee experience platform, Viva, with the aim of tackling organization-wide skills deficits and identifying upskilling opportunities for employees.

You're never too old to start a business

Whether that's a good idea is another matter.


Faced with back-to-office mandates, employees are ‘coffee badging’ office visits

Many employees are doing the bare minimum to satisfy in-office requirements, simply showing up long enough to get credit for being there before returning home to work.


Meta to lay off staffers at its Facebook Agile Silicon Team: Report

After releasing a mixed-reality headset last month, the company is firing staffers from its metaverse silicon unit, according to a news report.


With AI, there’s a trust gap based on gender, age

Two recent surveys point to a lack of confidence in AI, and an outright fear it will replace workers' jobs.

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Forrester asks a forbidden question: Are vendors lying or do they believe their own hype?

The idea that vendors lie a lot is, as the saying goes, “a tale as old as time.” But to suggest vendors are so persuasive because they actually believe their falsehoods — now, that's intriguing.

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Jamf: Generative AI is coming to an Apple IT admin near you

Jamf believes generative AI tools can be a big benefit to tech support and IT admin and the company this week revealed its first work in that direction.


Experts: 'Quiet cutting' employees makes no sense, and it's costly

The recent trend of reassigning employees into roles designed to push them to quit could ultimately cost your company more money — and damage internal morale.

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