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oztech roundup
oztech roundup

oztech roundup

OzTech: Innovation centres in NSW, WA; More AIIA courses; Optus repurposes 3G spectrum; Melbourne surveys residents on AI, IoT, 5G; Drones count flying foxes

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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2021 tech salaries in Australia

The highest and lowest paying IT jobs across four capital cities in Australia are revealed with data from job placements.

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Starting a new job in a pandemic: Virtual onboarding to the rescue

Like most new pandemic-induced working practices, remote onboarding is here to stay. How can employers make the process, from device provisioning and training to helping new hires feel welcome, as seamless as possible?

oztech roundup

OzTech: Australian ICT jobs aplenty; Aussie quantum computing advances; Rural broadband funds

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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Career roadmap: Artificial Intelligence Engineer

AI is becoming ubiquitous across all the functional areas of business and is expected to break the $500 billion mark by 2024, according to IDC. So what does it take to become an AI engineer? We spoke with Mike Harasimowicz, principal...

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How to fix the Apple tech skills gap

It makes sense to develop free tech-support courses to nurture untapped talents as Apple's market grows.

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Australia’s migrant workers often in jobs below their skill levels

Several flaws in the system mean Australia is not getting the full benefit of immigrant labour, even in areas like technology facing labour shortages.

oztech roundup

OzTech: Job support for Victorians; NSW names AI advisors; Researchers get early access to Pawsey supercomputing tools

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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The top IT jobs in demand in Australia

From cloud engineers to cybersecurity specialists, data from recruitment organisations tells what the top jobs for IT professionals in Australia are in 2021.

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Tech Resume Library: 26 downloadable templates for IT pros

A well-crafted resume will attract recruiters, HR pros and hiring managers, but getting it just right is a daunting task. To jump start the process, Insider Pro has assembled this collection of real resumes revamped by professional...

oztech roundup

OzTech: More IT job ads; New AI certification; Telstra repurposes 3G spectrum; NSW launches space industry research centre

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

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How Australians and enterprises can address the digital skills gap

Employers and employees alike need to put themselves ahead of this problem and not be dependent only on future graduates but also invest in skills and training now so they can become the solution tomorrow.

oztech roundup

OzTech: Automation will transform Australia’s jobs; Optus, Victoria state offer training; More digital banking

OzTech Roundup is Computerworld Australia’s weekly look at the world of IT.

Insider Pro | Computerworld  >  IT Salary Survey 2021

IT Salary Survey 2021: The results are in

The latest Insider Pro and Computerworld Salary Survey reveals the current salaries for dozens of tech titles, the IT skills most in demand (and those not), the tech hiring expectations for the coming year, and what matters most to IT...

Insider Pro | Computerworld  >  IT Salary Survey 2021  >  Certifications

IT Salary Survey 2021: Security and cloud computing certifications on the up

Do more certifications lead to new jobs, promotions or a pay rise? We asked 1,172 IT professionals their thoughts and whether or not they are currently pursuing certifications and in which areas of technology?

Insider Pro | Computerworld  >  IT Salary Survey 2021  >  Satisfaction

IT Salary Survey 2021: Over half of IT pros are satisfied at work – but nearly half are job hunting

Happy at work? Maybe you are not alone. Our 2021 salary survey of IT professionals reveals current attitudes to pay, responsibilities and what matters most in their current jobs.

Insider Pro | Computerworld  >  IT Salary Survey 2021  >  Hiring

IT Salary Survey 2021: Hiring rate expected to increase but priorities will shift

Our survey of 1,172 IT professionals finds that demand for some IT skills is strong but the pandemic has influenced the rate of hiring and roles that are being prioritized.

Insider Pro | Computerworld  >  IT Salary Survey 2021   >   Compensation

IT Salary Survey 2021: Compensation holds steady despite pandemic

Our survey of 1,172 IT pros finds that despite the pandemic, most people have seen compensation rise or remain steady but some old inequalities remain

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