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The tech market: Moving from ‘tell’ to ‘listen’

The technology market is going through an amazing and unanticipated change as it adapts AI to its own needs. It’s moving from a model that favors lock-in to one in which the vendor preserves and drives choice, and where the customer...

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The usual suspects

So, she’s a one-woman IT department AND a private eye?


6 efficiency-enhancing Android apps

Don't waste time getting around in Android. These tools save you time so you can get straight to work.


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Government appoints Rachel Noble ASD director-general

Rachel Noble has been appointed director-general of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) three months after Mike Burgess' departure.

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Government relying on eBay for hardware not a great idea, APS Review suggests

A major government IT system is so out of date that replacement hardware for it needs to be sourced from second-hand parts sold on eBay.

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IBM, Atlassian paid no taxes in 2018 despite billions in revenue

IBM A/NZ and Atlassian Australia have paid no taxes for the 2017-18 income year according to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Corporate Tax Transparency report.

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Industry super fund Rest eyes AWS to build ‘new cloud foundation’

Industry superannuation fund Rest is preparing to implement a “new cloud foundation” employing Amazon Web Services “to provide speed and flexibility,” according to group executive of innovation and transformation, Jeremy Hubbard.

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Google's worst kills of 2019

Saying goodbye to Google services has become a bit of an annual tradition, but this year's farewell seems particularly poignant.

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What's in the latest Chrome update? A baked-in hacked-password alarm

Chrome 79 patches 51 vulnerabilties and its Password Checker will now warn users when a site password may have been exposed. The feature is being rolled out gradually to Chrome users.

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Just a few more updates for 2019 makes for a light December Patch Tuesday

There is an urgent update to Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and three critical updates to the Windows platform that will require some attention this month. In addition, we have cumulative updates for the .NET and SQL server platforms...


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Throwback Thursday: Just our way of saying thanks

It’s always nice to feel appreciated.


ASX boosts investment in blockchain firm

ASX has invested a further US$10 million in Digital Asset, a firm specialising in blockchain-inspired digital ledger technology (DLT).

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Australian initiative seeks to boost Pacific cyber security

A group formed of the collaboration between eight Victorian universities is helping Pacific nations to assess and improve their cyber policies.

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Microsoft begins Windows 10's 1809-to-1909 compulsory upgrade

This marks the second time Microsoft has taken the upgrade reins since changing its servicing model and means some users may be upgraded after running 1809 less than a year.

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Microsoft Teams comes to Linux

The launch of the highly requested Linux desktop client is designed to help Microsoft appeal to developers.