Aptos drives innovation at Bengaluru facility

Become part of an innovative software team that aims to transform customer experience.

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The pandemic changed consumer behavior forever. Today’s customers want to embark on a retail journey that enables them to seamlessly shift between online and in-person interactions. For retailers to be successful, they must deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences for customers and profitability for the organization.

Aptos is a global technology provider focused on delivering unified commerce solutions to retailers. Aptos’ modern POS and advanced enterprise technologies are trusted by hundreds of retail brands around the world. Aptos customers include global retailers such as Crocs, VF Corporation, New Balance, Coach and Skechers.

The Aptos difference

The Aptos vision is to become the leading global provider of technologically advanced, innovative unified commerce solutions that transform how retailers deal with their customers.

Key differentiators for Aptos are its decades of expertise in delivering retail software solutions and its commitment to continuous innovation. Aptos knows the retail business inside and out, understands the challenges that retailers face, and builds solutions designed to help retailers serve their customers better and optimize their operations to ensure they maximize revenue and margin.

The Aptos portfolio starts with in-store POS and extends to supporting enterprise applications like merchandising and warehouse management. Aptos solutions cover the breadth of core retail operations — store-based commerce, CRM, order management, inventory management, warehousing and sales auditing. Aptos also has a data analytics solution designed to help retailers get meaningful insights from their operations and enable them to adjust their strategy to quickly adapt to changing market and consumer needs.

Aptos products are fully interoperable with each other and can easily be integrated with relevant third-party products, giving retailers the benefit of choice.

Join the Aptos innovation team in Bengaluru

To better serve its global customer base and to accelerate the pace of bringing next-gen applications to market, Aptos opened an innovation center in Bengaluru last year. At this facility, Aptos software engineers and other technologists are leveraging capabilities such as cloud-native and mobile-first technologies, data-science and machine learning algorithms, and microservices-based architectures to bring cutting-edge solutions to its retail customers.

Individuals who join Aptos will be part of an empowered, fast-moving team on a meaningful mission. 

New employees will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced colleagues and benefit from a product development culture that has a robust framework to identify, evaluate and adopt new technologies for advancing solutions.

In addition, all teams collaborate seamlessly, irrespective of their location. Product development teams in India, for example, spend a significant amount of time working with their counterparts in other parts of the world and with those in other roles to continuously adjust product roadmaps, add new features and accelerate feature delivery to customers.

The atmosphere at the Bengaluru facility is fast-paced and innovation-driven, yet also people-friendly, informal and fun. A lot of emphasis was put on creating a workplace culture that colleagues would be thrilled to be a part of. To achieve that, many of Aptos’ team-building initiatives and workplace practices are based on ideas and recommendations made by its employees. Aptos is determined to foster an environment that avoids the typical pitfalls of corporate-world hierarchies and an over-reliance on bureaucratic processes. 

While Aptos India is still early in its growth journey, initial results in terms of employee satisfaction, morale and referrals are all very positive and suggest that Aptos is a place where employees want to invest their long-term careers.

If you are ready to help shape the future of retail technology, explore job opportunities available at Aptos India on the Aptos website.

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