New data infrastructure to speed platform performance

The new schemaless architecture, dubbed mondayDB, will strengthen the work management company’s Work OS platform and offer improved levels of scalability and speed to customers.

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Yurchanka Siarhei

Work management company has announced the initial rollout of its new mondayDB data infrastructure, built to underpin the company’s Work OS platform and help boost customers’ usage of the system.

Described by the company as having a schemaless architecture — meaning that it has no predefined structure for how data is organized and stored — mondayDB strengthens the Work OS platform on top of which all of’s suite of products are built. This will allow the Work OS system to better cope with the technical challenges associated with the flexibility that the company wants to offer its customers.

“With traditional project management tools… each task or project has a rigid structure with a due date, assignees, and so forth,” said Daniel Lereya, the newly appointed chief product and technology officer at “But, with monday, one customer can decide to use the platform for bug reporting, while another might use it to track shipments or assign people to shifts.”

He explained that while it’s been great to see’s customer’s building so many exceptional applications on the platform, providing users with so much flexibility has pushed the system to its limits.

“MondayDB is a new ballpark for what we can offer in terms of scale and speed,” Lereya said.

The newly released foundational model of mondayDB allows boards and other items to load five times faster, while also offering customers new use cases and custom workflows, as well as extended API and data manipulation capabilities, the company said.

In addition to improved platform performance, users will also now have access to new permissions that  are now defined at the data layer, so they can be set at the item, column, board, or workspace level.

Real-time data updates are also available, meaning that when changes are made to any board or dashboard, these become immediately available for queries, allowing for automations and integrations to be activated in real-time.

Finally, mondayDB extends the open API, providing data-analysis capabilities that allow developers to build any app on top of the platform.

“If we talk long term, we really believe that the main thing that we need to invest in is the platform itself, so that’s what we’re doing,” Lereya said, adding that one of the company’s strategic pillars is to make the platform more robust and keep increasing the number of capabilities available to customers.

As a result, users will be able to build more products with, which is ultimately where the value lies, he said.

Following today’s initial release, said the second phase of mondayDB will begin its rollout in November. The company said this second phase will enable dashboards to load 10 times faster, making it easier for customers to share reports and aggregate data from different boards.

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