Making the switch to programming careers: 3 Australian tales

Software development professionals who worked across hospitality, financial services, and sales share their tips and experiences about changing their careers to information technology.

Employers in Australia struggle to find IT staff, yet they demand IT skills for their hires. That can rule out career opportunities for those who pursued different careers earlier in life and now find that original career unsatisfying or simply want a change. But it is possible to enter IT from other fields.

Computerworld Australia talked to three software developers who came from non-IT professions—hospitality, financial services, and sales—and found in coding a satisfying new career. Like most things, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to become a software developer, but there are some tips and things to consider if you are looking to move into technology.

One thing that Alex Gujas, Michael Grimmer, and Selena Small have in common is that none of them had gone to university to study anything related to technology. What they all did was to take short IT courses or teach themselves how to code.

Alex Gujas: Learning to code meant leaving his old job for deeper study

alex gujas Alex Gujas

Alex Gujas

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