11 cybersecurity certifications for security jobs in The Netherlands

Here are the top in-demand certifications to help you gain a competitive edge in the Netherlands for jobs in penetration testing, cryptography, security architecture, and much more.

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The cybersecurity industry in the Netherlands is booming, thanks in no small part to the National Cyber Security Agenda, the country’s far-reaching strategy for responding to cyberthreats. To fill the educational needs of this growing field, certifications are more important than ever to demonstrate that applicants have the highly specialised skills needed to hit the ground running in a new security job and keep cyberattacks at bay.

There is a broad range of cybersecurity IT jobs in The Netherlands. The job platform Security Talent, operated by The Hague Security Delta public-private alliance, found that in 2020, 57% of job postings were in the cybersecurity field. Cybersecurity roles were also at the top of the list of emerging jobs in the Netherlands in 2020 according to LinkedIn and the World Economic Forum.

Various initiatives are aiming to reduce the shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the Netherlands. One such programme, put together by training company Vijfhart IT Opleidingen and security certification body EC-Council, uses self-paced learning application iLearn.

Industrywide, 63% of cybersecurity professionals are currently pursuing or planning to pursue industry-related certifications, according to the 2021 Cybersecurity Workforce Study by (ISC)². It pays to get certified: The workforce study found that certifications can increase the average cybersecurity salary by almost €16,000 (US$18,000) — a wise investment, with most exams costing only a few hundred euros.

With more than half of European companies sponsoring industry certification programmes for employees, boosting your skills and your salary is a no-brainer.

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