Going Beyond Backup: Acronis True Image is Now Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Acronis delivers a complete solution that addresses a full range of threats, from accidental deletions and hardware failure to device theft and cyberattack.

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After nearly two decades, one of the most recognizable software brands is getting a new name. Acronis True Image, the leading personal cyber protection solution, is changing its name to Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office.

Changing the name of such a well-known product is never an easy decision for a business. Acronis True Image built a loyal following and substantial brand equity since its initial launch. A product’s name should reflect what it offers to the customer, however, and Acronis’ home use solution has evolved tremendously in the past 18 years.

Updating the name to Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office provides a better view into all of the capabilities available to individuals, families, freelancers, and IT professionals who rely on the solution.

Beyond creating a true image

When Acronis introduced its solution, it was the first product to make enterprise-grade full disk imaging available to home users. The original name of the product clearly explained what users were achieving  with their purchase: A solution that let them create a true image backup of their data so they could restore their computer.

But as the challenges of protecting data evolved, Acronis’ solution began to evolve as well. In the early days of ransomware, having a backup enabled you to restore your entire system and any encrypted data, thus avoiding having to pay a ransom.

Attackers started creating ransomware strains that target backup files and software first, denying users a safe recovery. Subsequently Acronis hired its own team of seasoned cybersecurity pros to build an anti-ransomware defense, which was integrated into its backup solution. Acronis True Image became the first personal backup solution with integrated anti-ransomware.

Stopping modern cyberthreats

As the cyberthreat landscape continued to evolve, the company enhanced the cybersecurity capabilities of Acronis True Image – adding a cryptomining blocker and next-generation anti-malware that’s powered by machine intelligence. Real-time protection, on-demand antivirus scans, web filtering, and videoconference application protection were added as well.

Suddenly Acronis True Image crossed from being simply a personal backup solution to delivering comprehensive cyber protection. By uniting its award-winning and easy-to-use backup capabilities with cutting-edge cybersecurity, Acronis delivers a solution that addresses the full range of threats, from accidental deletions and hardware failure to device theft and cyberattack. It does so much more than create a true image backup that the original name no longer provides an accurate description of the product.

New name of cyber protection

Today, we rely on data and an array of devices more than ever. At work, the IT department ensures everything is protected – but modern threats compromise families and individuals too.

Renaming its personal solution Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office lets people know what the product is (comprehensive cyber protection) and who it is built for (all home users). Even with the new name, it is still the same high-performing, easy-to-use solution that 5.5 million worldwide know and trust.

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