Borders closed. Can Australia’s IT hiring bounce back?

While the Australian government proposes needed skilled-immigration reforms, hiring skilled immigrant workers virtually and reskilling Australians could more quickly address the IT labour shortage.

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The coronavirus pandemic and the accelerated digital transformation in Australia together have put increased pressure on local talent as the border closure has prevented the country from hiring enough overseas talent.

“This [acceleration of digital transformation] has led to huge demand for tech skills in areas such as software development and cybersecurity,” Robert Beckley, regional director of recruiting agency Hays Technology, told Computerworld Australia. While the increased skill shortage has highlighted the importance of redeploying and reskilling existing staff, Beckley said, the ability to attract talent from overseas is an important part of the puzzle in ensuring organisations can access the skills they need.

Even with the borders closed, there yet may be options for IT and remote workers from across the world to perform those needed functions from wherever they are, as well as plans being made to make immigration more effective once the pandemic subsides.

Long-term: 18 recommendations for improving skilled migration

On 9 August 2021, the Joint Standing Committee on Migration presented the final report for its inquiry into Australia’s skilled migration program. It provided 18 recommendations, including the development of a national workforce plan and the replacement of the ANZSCO, the Australia New Zealand Skilled Classification of Occupations.

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