How the Netherlands is leading the EU toward its tech future

Strategic investments in quantum computing, AI, innovative tech startups and sustainable technology, along with an historically strong background in science and innovation, are propelling the country to technology leadership in the region. But can it stay there?

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Though geographically and demographically small, the Netherlands is positioning itself as a European technology leader, making a name for itself in fields like quantum computing, AI, tech start-up innovation and sustainable cities.

This is good news for IT pros looking to advance their careers and enterprises interested in emerging tech, but the country's hot technology market presents some challanges — first and foremost, it can be hard for businesses to find the tech talent they need.

The Netherlands' emerging tech dominance is being driven to a large degree by the country’s political leadership, industry-watchers said. But there are also historical and cultural trends propelling the Netherlands to a dominant technology position in the EU, some of which have the seeds in its long-standing commitment to making technology a priority.

As it stands now, the Netherlands ranks 69th in terms of world population, yet it’s the 13th-largest technology market in the world in terms of business and government technology purchases, according to research from Forrester.

Software, services are big portion of Dutch IT spend

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