3 solid project management apps for iOS and Mac

If you’re managing projects within an Apple-based enterprise stack, you have some very good options.

multi tasking project management designer

Have you ever wondered why wedding planners can charge so much?

It’s because organizing all the elements of a big wedding is a highly complex task with lots of potential points of failure. Most big projects are like that, consisting of numerous tasks with many potential failure points and often including dependencies so intricate that one small detail could derail or delay the entire task, with disastrous effect.

Project managers have always relied on aids that can help them pull project teams together, remain organized, and monitor progress. In the past, that meant spreadsheets, wall charts, and even scale models. These days, the tools have gone digital. Project management software has become a big category, with the various tools that are available being more or less well suited for different tasks. Managers of big projects often rely on Microsoft Project, but that option isn’t readily available for project managers working with an Apple-based enterprise technology stack.

What are the best options for those project managers? Here we look at three Mac- and iPhone-friendly project management and collaboration alternatives that offer the essential tools found in Microsoft Project:

  • MeisterTask
  • Merlin Project
  • OmniPlan

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