Apple admins get a new remote support option

An exclusive integration between Addigy and Splashtop gives Apple administrators a new remote access solution for troubleshooting IT problems.

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Apple administrators in the enterprise and education markets now have a new remote access option  thanks to a new integration between Addigy and Splashtop.

Splashtop comes to Addigy

The move means Splashtop, which already has over 30 million users — including many Fortune 500 companies — is now the exclusive default remote support solution included in Addigy. It should be a helpful integration since it lets technicians and admins use Addigy's cloud-based solution for troubleshooting problems remotely.

That’s particularly invaluable given that the trend to hybrid and remote work means an increasing number of businesses are looking to provide remote tech support to highly distributed teams, sometimes across time zones.

Given that new practices will remain part of the new world of work when the pandemic eventually ends, it’s a useful tool to have.

The market for Apple admin products continues to expand. This isn’t especially surprising, given that when given a choice, 59% of enterprise employees choose a Mac — and 79% of all enterprise activity on a mobile device happens on iOS.

According to a Vanson Bourne survey, 71% of high school students prefer using Mac to PC. Additionally, around 81% of individuals admitted that they want to use Macs at work.

What does it do?

Jason Dettbarn, CEO and founder of Addigy said in a statement: “Addigy technicians can now manage and control their Apple devices remotely as easily as they would in person — quickly addressing their end users’ issues and ensuring their computers are up-to-date and running in optimal condition.”

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These tools mean Apple administrators can:

  • Access managed computers remotely from within the Addigy console, even when the end user is not present.
  • Print remotely, transfer files, and set up chat sessions with remote devices.
  • Automatically logged remote access sessions.

Managed Macs are made available in the Addigy console, and a remote session can be launched with a click. Addigy users can also purchase Splashtop SOS to provide ad-hoc remote support to computers and mobile devices not managed under Addigy.

In the real world, technicians will be able to access a remote Mac and then take control of the screen, check and manage remote devices using Splashtop.

How it is used

We also heard from one user, Creative Techs, whose principal, Tim Pearson, explained how his company uses Addigy to manage several hundred Macs.

“We have always needed to have remote control of our devices,” he said. “In the past, we used four different methods that we can run at the same time, so if something didn't work, such as VPN being down, we can switch from one tool to another. But in the last couple of years, we've narrowed it down to using Splashtop and Addigy.”

Noting that his solution is a cross-platform tool, Splashtop CEO and co-founder Mark Lee wrote: “Given that this new hybrid work world will almost certainly include a mix of Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices, businesses need to assess how well their collaboration, communication and remote access tools operate for all these device types.”

Every enterprise-focused Apple admin services provider is building up to support the emerging remote workplace. Mosyle recently introduced Screen View for admins, while Jamf recently updated its Setup and Reset offerings to make it easier to manage and deploy shared iOS devices in school and enterprise, along with a new Unlock solution that lets enterprise employees use Face ID on their iPhone to open their Mac.

Meanwhile, with Mac sales booming, the Apple/enterprise integration market looks like an increasingly good space to be in.

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