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Just $20 to learn how MySQL, API’s, and forms fit into modern web development

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The earliest websites were very simplistic. They passed along a bit of text-based information to the reader and, generally, that was it. Today, websites are dynamic portals of communication. And creating one is, by comparison, a complicated process, which means that developers not only need to know how to code but also how things like databases and servers fit into the mix.

The Modern Web Development and MySQL Programming Bundle gives students a taste of what it’s like to design a website for right now. It includes five highly rated courses, facilitated by industry veteran Trevoir Williams, that introduce students to topics like PHP development, Microsoft SQL Servers, form creation, APIs, and more. And, since each course is beginner-friendly, virtually anyone can enroll, regardless of their current education or skill level.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a web developer, this package is a must purchase. And, as it turns out, it’s a heck of a deal. That’s because you can enroll in The Modern Web Development and MySQL Programming Bundle for just $19.99, which works out to just a paltry $4 per course.

The Modern Web Development & MySQL Programming Bundle - $19.99

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