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Clariti is one collaboration tool to rule them all


Somehow, in the information age, information seems harder than ever to come by. Teams — especially remote ones — tend to work in silos, with collaboration made more difficult by every team within an organization doing things a little bit differently. It doesn't matter how big an organization is; a symptom of growth is almost always information becoming more disparate and harder to come by for people who don't constantly need it.

There are plenty of communication, collaboration, and cloud storage tools on the market, but each serves an individual need rather than a holistic one. Then there's Clariti, which brings all of these functions under one roof. 

Clariti is a single web app that brings together emails, chats, calls, to-do lists, documents, and more into TopicFolders. In a single centralized hub, team members can chat with one another, send and receive emails, schedule events, collaborate on to-do lists, and much more. What makes Clariti truly different, however, is because all of that collaboration between team members happens in a space specifically dedicated to the topic at hand. Ultimately, this allows your organization to save time and money by training its members with one tool rather than many. 

When you're in a TopicFolder, all of the communication and previous collaboration on that topic is readily available to you, so you can see where people left off, where you are in the process, and what you still need to do. That way, there's no back and forth, no catch-up calls, and no spinning wheels in place waiting for everyone to get caught up. You can stay on task without needing to search through multiple apps or systems for information.

Clariti works because it leverages people's familiarity with Desktop Folders. We've all used them, and we all know the basic way a computer is set up. With Clariti, that familiarity extends to individual projects happening within an organization, so it acts almost like a digital repository documenting the entire organization's actions. It's the perfect tool for small businesses that are growing fast. Do note, Clariti is a desktop service and performs best on non-Apple operating systems.

Boost collaboration and productivity with a seamless web app that keeps everyone connected. Clariti is entirely browser-based so there are no downloads needed. Right now, you can sign up for free at Clariti's website and see if it's right for your business.


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