Why industry supports having an Australia chief technologist

The CEDA proposal is welcome, and tech execs and IT analysts have several suggestions on how to make a national CTO job effective.

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The suggestion by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) that the Australian federal government should appoint a national chief technologist has been welcomed by the industry, with local CIOs, analysts, and IT companies suggesting how to make it work.

Advantages of having a chief technologist

IDC senior analyst John Feng welcomed the proposition as such an appointment would provide the “much-needed clarity and concertation of technology adoption and development”.

The chief technologist would have a strategic and advisory function to increase trust in emerging technologies and provide a link between the government and the public.

The CEDA Technology and Trust Paper 2021 said: “One key lesson from the COVID-19 experience is the importance of having trusted and respected experts to advise and communicate on complex issues. The nation’s chief medical officers and chief scientists have brought crucial expertise to policy making and have served as a vital link between governments and the public.”

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