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Clearcover makes switching car insurance an absolute breeze


As you already know, digital transformation plays a necessary role in disrupting traditional ways of doing business. It also creates value for companies and customers alike. After all, many brands would rather invest more of their resources into delivering quality products and services than deal with the inefficiencies typical of analog business practices. Much in the same way, customers enjoy purchasing essential products and services as conveniently as imaginable whenever possible. Consumers today, especially the tech-savvy ones, know that a digital-only company innovates when it comes to business, making the prospect of saving money and time realistic when going through the purchasing process. 

One such digital-only company making waves in the traditional car insurance industry is Clearcover. Clearcover sells vehicle insurance with better coverage at lower prices—all while offering a convenient digital user experience from start to finish. 

Currently available in 16 states, with more to come in the future, Clearcover makes it possible to save on a premium for your car insurance in just a few minutes. And that's true for everyone, no matter if you're hoping to get covered for the first time or want to make the switch to a different plan in the middle of your current term (yes, that's possible!). All you need to do is input some basic information about yourself and answer some questions related to what you're looking for in a policy. In five quick steps, which only take a few minutes to complete in total, you're presented with your price and can choose to buy it on the spot or keep shopping around.

All of that means there's no need to get on the phone with a broker or insurance company directly since you do everything online from your favorite device. In other words, shopping for the best price with Clearcover is a hassle-free experience rather than an all-day grind. So, in many ways, it's like Lemonade but for your ride.

Best of all, Clearcover has customer savings testimonials, reviews, and surveys that illustrate the benefits current Clearcover customers have gained by making the switch to a car insurance company with a digital-first approach. For instance, Greta R. switched to Clearcover in June of 2020 and was able to drop her cost by $474. Although not everyone is guaranteed to find that level of savings, it's still worthwhile for most people. That's especially true for anyone who finds themselves audibly sighing every time they make a payment for their current policy.

So, what have you got to lose? Head on over to Clearcover today and find out how much you could save in the same amount of time it takes to brew and drink your morning cup of coffee or tea.


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