The top IT jobs in demand in Australia

From cloud engineers to cybersecurity specialists, data from recruitment organisations tells what the top jobs for IT professionals in Australia are in 2021.

Talent compass pointing to the most highly skilled jobs hiring

Data gathered from some of the top recruitment companies in Australia have revealed the IT jobs that organisations will be looking to hire in 2021.

If there was any question as to the importance of IT and digital skills before 2020, that has certainly been put to rest following the coronavirus pandemic that forced organisations and professionals across the world to work remotely and start, continue, or improve their use of technologies.

“We should reflect on what we observed our workforces do during COVID-19, and how quickly they were able to learn new digital capabilities. That should be a lesson that we carry with us,” Aaron McEwan, a Gartner vice president for HR research and advisory, told Computerworld Australia.

Recruiters are seeking these ICT candidates in Australia

Globally, recruitment firm Hays found the top ICT/IT areas in demand for 2021 are cybersecurity, cloud solutions, data science, devops, software development, and change management. In Australia, Hays found that the most in demand IT professionals include:

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