200+ Apple WFH tips: 2020 edition

Here's the best of the Apple-related remote working tips, apps and advice I’ve gathered during a year like no other.

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This has been a challenging year, to say the least. The COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated digital transformation, meaning millions have begun to work from home. What follows is the complete collection of remote working tips, apps and advice I’ve put together during the year which should be of use in the months to follow.

Setting up for remote work

While many of us began working from home during the crisis, as the novelty wears off, most people are investing in improving their home working environment.

Lessons learned: Provisioning new employees during a pandemic

What have we learned about hardware provisioning employees for remote working during the pandemic?

WFH? Tips for better Wi-Fi network performance

Here are a few tips (mainly for Mac users) that should help improve wireless network performance in your at-home office.

5 HomeKit-compatible solutions for working from home

These HomeKit tips can help optimize your work-from-home experience.

How iPhones can help manage 'always-on' work-related stress

Eight ways iPhones can help manage workplace stress, prevent burnout and boost productivity.

How to stay motivated when you work from home

Here are a few solutions that may help you push through stress-related fatigue to get things done.

Enterprise resilience: Backup and management tips for iOS, Mac

Do you have a business resilience strategy in place in case things go wrong?

Privacy and security

2020 has seen the full suite of hackers and cyberattackers come out in force, from phishing attacks to egregious attacks against democratic expression. Security and privacy should be top of the list for any WFH deployment.

How to stay as private as possible on the Mac

Privacy means vigilance — make sure your Mac is as vigilant as possible on your behalf.

How to stay as private as possible on Apple's iPad and iPhone 

How to use the tools Apple has given you to protect your privacy on an iOS device.

12 security tips for the ‘work from home’ enterprise

If you or your employees are working from home, you'll need this advice to secure your enterprise.

Tips for collaboration

Collaboration and video conferencing have become incredibly important during the year, what follows are some of the tips for Apple users.

6+ tips for better virtual meetings

If you’re working remotely on a Mac, iPad, iPhone or another platform, you can make those endless video meetings more effective (and seem less endless). Here's how.

12 Zoom alternatives for secure video collaboration

If your enterprise demands a more secure video collaboration system than Zoom, take a look at these.

7 Zoom tips for working from home

Don't forget the always-useful, eternally tidy room trick….

10 Signal tips for iPhone, Mac and iPad users

Anyone who seriously wants to secure their communications uses the cross-platform Signal service.

Get things done easier

Working from home has also required all of us to juggle work and domestic life, which itself means many people have spent a great deal of time attempting to figure out how to use the tools we’ve got to do things more efficiently.

An Apple-centric guide to effective (and productive) remote working 

A selection of hints, tips and advice to help you work effectively when working remotely.

10+ WFH tips for Mac users

Here's a useful collection that will help you automate tasks using scheduling and reminder features Apple includes in every Mac.

30 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know

This collection of keyboard shortcuts for macOS should help you get the most from your Mac.

You’ll get more done with these 10 Mac tips

A handful of useful Mac tips to help you get things done from wherever you are.

Essential iPad tips to help you work from home

This extensive collection of tips should help you become more productive when using your iPad to get work done.

10+ Siri tips to help you work at home

If you are following the science of pandemics, you’re still working at home. So how can Apple’s Siri help you get your work done?

How Apple Watch helps you get work done

A short collection of Apple Watch tools and how to use them to be more productive.

How to boost your productivity with Safari for Mac

These Safari extensions may give your work or research efficiency a boost.

How to make Spotlight work for you

Are you getting the most out of Spotlight search on your Apple device?

iPad and iPhone tips

Then there are tips for getting more from your iPads and iPhones.

iOS 14: How to use App Library on iPhone

Apple's new App Library should help iPhone users trying to get things done stay a little more focused.

iOS 14: How to use widgets on iPad and iPhone

Apple's newly introduced Home screen widgets on iPads and iPhones could be useful to enterprise professionals.

How to use Apple’s iPad Magic Keyboard 

Here's what you need to know to get the best out of Apple's new Magic Keyboard for iPad.

How to use Hot Corners and Work Spaces on iPad to stay productive

Using Hot Corners and work spaces on your iPad may make your tablet feel more like a Mac.

6 iPhone hacks to make you more productive

There are many ways to be more productive while on the go with your iPhone. Here’s a brand-new collection of them.

How to make more effective use of Mail on iPhone and iPad 

Enterprise or consumer, most iPhone and iPad users want to get more from Apple's email app. 

Essential iOS apps for WFH

Apps can help you get more done. Here are 25 apps to help you track time, ease stress, pick up skills and get things done.

6 Mac and iOS time-tracking apps for remote working

If you work remotely, work for clients, or really need to manage your time better, then a time-tracking app is essential for better productivity.

8 useful iOS apps to help ease work-from-home stress

Enterprise professionals who have never worked remotely before may find it stressful. These iOS apps may help.

5 iOS apps to help enterprise pros learn new skills

Digital transformation means most employees must make time to develop the new competencies required by changing digital business models

6 great apps for the iOS mobile enterprise

Here are six cloud-based solutions with excellent mobile/iOS apps that are seeing rapid enterprise deployment.

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