4 tips om effectief berichten te sturen op LinkedIn

Of je nu een IT-professional bent die een nieuwe uitdaging zoekt, nieuw bent op de banenmarkt of een oudgediende die zijn of haar netwerk wil uitbreiden, deze vier etiquettetips laten je zien wat de goede (en verkeerde) manieren zijn om te communiceren op LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is niet alleen voor de banenzoektocht, maar kan ook bijdragen aan je loopbaanontwikkeling. Misschien zit je midden in een softwareontwikkelproject en heb je advies nodig van iemand die eerder met dat bijltje heeft gehakt. Of misschien zoek je een mentor die je helpt je carrière uit te stippelen of die je kan helpen met het leren van nieuwe vaardigheden. Hoe het ook zij, het is niet altijd even makkelijk om te communiceren via LinkedIn met al zijn wervingsspecialisten, banenjagers en managers.

Computerworld selecteert hier interessante artikelen uit het internationale netwerk van onze uitgever IDG.

The key to successful connections with these different personalities lies in both the approach and the details of communication, according to Blake Angove, director of technology services at staffing company LaSalle Network. "LinkedIn doesn't just have to be for job seekers - there's value beyond that," he says. "It's built for professional networking, which makes it easy for you to effectively search out and connect with the professionals you're looking for, for a variety of reasons."

Knowing how to reach out to people the right way can be the difference between ignored messages and ones that spark lasting relationships. Here's how to effectively connect with four key LinkedIn user types - hiring managers, mentors, other IT pros and former managers - along with tips on how to get what you want from them.

1. How to contact hiring managers, HR reps on LinkedIn

If you recently applied for a job or completed an interview, you might be eager to reach out to the hiring manager or HR representative for updates. If you're hesitant about whether LinkedIn is the right way to communicate, trust your instinct and don't reach out via the social networks, according to career strategist and LinkedIn expert Nicole Williams. However, in the right situations, connecting with hiring pros via LinkedIn can show your continued interest in the position and commitment to the process, and it can keep you and your resume top of mind, Williams says.

LinkedIn does not let users message others if they're not already connected or don't have paid accounts. So if you want to reach out to someone with whom you're not connected, send an invitation first, with a customized personal note. "Keep your message concise and friendly, and let them know it was great meeting them and their team," she says. "Bring up an anecdote or topic that was floated around during your interview and expand on it. The interview is still going on at this point. Impress them with this message, and keep it brief."

If you use LinkedIn to follow up on a job application, first make sure the contents of your resume match your LinkedIn profile, Angove says. "One of the easiest ways to turn off a hiring manager is if dates or info don't line up."

In your message, it's a good idea to let recipients know how you applied to the job, and tell them you're following up to answer any questions they may have, Angove says. The message should be short and to the point. "Don't follow up more than once with them via LinkedIn," he says. "LinkedIn sends your message to both their LinkedIn account and the email address they associate with it, so they'll see it in two places." And if you don't receive a timely response, consider reaching out to someone else in HR with a slightly different message, he says.

2. How to message potential mentors on LinkedIn

If you hope to find a new mentor on LinkedIn, you need to know where to look. LinkedIn's "Groups" and "Advanced Search" features are two good places to start.

You should first search for relevant Groups based on your location, according to Angove. This can help you find nearby professionals, cultivate relationship, and then seek out the most active users. "These are the people who are already in the mindset of being a mentor - they're already sharing, they're already teaching," he says.

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