What you need to know to become a scrum master in Australia

If your preferred agile framework is scrum and you are a good mentor with good management and communication skills, scrum master could be the next step in your career.

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The scrum master role’s popularity has grown in the last few years as part of the overall rise in the the use of agile methodologies that have been put into product development and software engineering, notes Peter Noblet, regional general manager of Australian tech recruiter Hudson. And LinkedIn shows the product owner role is the No. 12 emerging technology role in Australia, and acting as a scrum master is a key part of doing or supporting that role.

The scrum master role is responsible for promoting and supporting scrums, which are the most used of the agile methodologies, by helping everyone understand scrum theory, practices, rules and values. The word “scrum” comes from rugby, and it means the team arrangement to move the ball forward. In agile development, it is esentially the team playbook process for advancing a project with regular checkins and cadence.

A scrum team usually consists of a product owner, the development team and the scrum master who will work in a self-organising manner, according to Scrum.org, one of many organisations that promote scrum practices and also provides training and certification.

Career websites such as Seek don’t offer specific details on the role itself and, although there are scrum master job ads, when searching for it, project manager roles come up or the role itself may be a combination of both.

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Watch this instructional video to understand how a scrum master can help a team learn agile development and follow a scrum process to develop new applications.

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