Most NZ farmers have decent broadband, but improvement is needed

The option of unlimited data plans, a choice of providers, and greater investments are among the top needs cited in a Federated Farmers survey.

Plugging the gaps in connectivity and increasing competition among broadband providers will improve the state of rural connectivity in New Zealand. That’s the view of Federated Farmers President Andrew Hoggard, following a survey of its membership.

“The task ahead is less one of pushing broadband into ever more isolated and remote locations and more one of addressing the gaps in coverage and constraints on capacity of earlier builds. More targeted investment towards bespoke builds would go a long way towards addressing connection speed and reliability concerns,” says Hoggard, who is also the organisation’s telecommunications spokesperson.

“Competition is a concern, with many members finding they only have the one provider and have to take it or leave it as regards price and quality of service,” he says.

Broadband, mobile and landline survey results

The Federated Farmers survey on connectivity received almost 900 responses from members across the range of farm types, as well as geographical area. It revealed a strong reliance on wireless and mobile broadband services.

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