How COVID-19 has changed the way Aussie IT projects are delivered

In the heat of the crisis, IT organisations adapted their processes to gain speed and adjust goals. But they did so ‘on the fly’, not based on planned flexibility, a survey finds.

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Pressure to deliver IT projects faster has changed how projects are managed during the coronavirus pandemic in Australia.

According to a study from Cherub Consulting, which advises on IT sourcing, this is a result of customers expecting to realise benefits of a project as fast as possible by balancing risk with speed. This could be for one of several reasons, including staff working remotely and being under greater pressure to deliver project benefits that may improve functionality, increase productivity and drive down costs.

For the research, Cherub Consulting spoke to about 35 individuals representing both Australian-based global and ANZ IT services providers. It recommended that customers and providers communicate identify opportunities to pass on increased decision-making responsibilities to the providers. “Suppliers have demonstrated that by working with their customers there is potential to increase the speed to delivery,” the report stated.

The study found increased focus on automating some services through the use of bots, which Cherub noted was driven from the IT providers as a way to speed up service delivery and enable self-service or automated delivery.

The consulting firm found that IT smart solutions are not currently as well embedded in many service delivery models as they could be. “Attempting to rapidly deploy them during the pandemic does not lend itself to planning out the most efficient and effective outcomes,” the report stated.

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