How to use Slack’s best new business features

Slack has rolled out a host of improvements to help business users be more productive and collaborate more easily.

Slack has released a number of features over the spring and summer to make working in remote teams simpler. These new options let you integrate more easily with existing calendar tools, automate routine tasks, track conversations on a mobile device and more.

Here are some of our favorite new work enhancements and how to use them. They’ll work with any paid plan, though in some cases you’ll need admin privileges for your workspace or permission from your workspace admin.

Receive notifications on mobile and PC simultaneously

When you’re working remotely or just stepping away from your desk, it can be helpful to receive notifications on your mobile device and the Slack desktop app at the same time. Without having to announce that you’re away, you can stretch your legs and still get important messages, allowing you to take unexpected breaks more frequently.

In the desktop Slack app, click your workspace name. Choose Preferences > Notifications. Scroll to the bottom of the menu. UnderWhen I'm not active on desktop...” choose immediately, even if I’m active.

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