Microsoft TO pitch virtualized Windows-as-a-subscription service, update and maintain customer VMs

A recent job posting by Microsoft indicates the company may be crafting a new device-as-a-service subscription offer for Microsoft 365 customers that won't actually include the device.

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Microsoft may be crafting a new subscription offer for Microsoft 365 customers that will be, for all intents and purposes, a device-as-a-service minus the, well, devices.

According to a job opening posted by Microsoft last month, the service will "change the way millions of enterprises consume Windows Desktops and applications." ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley first reported on the job listing and its likely implications.

Although the posting was viewable as late as the morning of July 21, by later that day it had been scrubbed, perhaps a hint that Microsoft did not intend for it to attract media attention.

Built on the back of Windows Virtual Desktop

"Microsoft Cloud PC is a strategic, new offering that is built on top of Windows Virtual Desktop to delivering Desktop as a Service," the posting announced, using Desktop with a capital D.

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