30+ essential facts about Apple in the enterprise

These statistics help illustrate Apple's growing status in the workplace.

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Apple-in-the-enterprise company Jamf officially became a public company with its IPO today. I’ll be back tomorrow with an interview about that means.

Meanwhile, the following statistics help illustrate why now is the time for employee choice – and Apple – in the enterprise. (Apple’s acquisition of Fleetsmith also reflects the changing times.)

30+ essential Apple in the enterprise facts

  • If given the choice, 59% of enterprise employees would use a Mac. (Wipro).
  • When looking for a job, 66% of workers would select a company that offered choice over one that doesn’t. (Wipro)
  • 71% of employees say they are more productive when using the computer they select. (Wipro)
  • 97% of Mac users say they feel more productive when switching from Windows.(Jamf).
  • 79% of users say they wouldn’t be as efficient when using anything other than a Mac. (Jamf).
  • At IBM, there are 22% more macOS users who exceeded expectations in performance reviews, compared to Windows users. (IBM)
  • 78% of millennials believe having access to the tech they like at work makes them more effective (PwC).
  • Bank of America purchased tens of thousands of iOS devices to help the organization survive the pandemic. (Computerworld).
  • Deloitte has more than 100,000 Apple devices internally. (Apple).
  • GE has over 300,000 – you’ll find lots of major brands with Apple deployments.
  • 73% of employees are more loyal to a company that offers choice. (Wipro)
  • Mac OS users at IBM are 17% less likely to leave the company (IBM).
  • iOS dominates the mobile enterprise with 79% of mobile business. (Egnyte)
  • 55% of businesses now use or permit use of Macs. (Parallels).
  • Enterprise IT decision-makers already expect to replace 13% of their Windows 7 PCs with Macs. (IDC).
  • Apple’s iOS is the platform of choice for businesses choosing mobile devices. (Piper Jaffray). “Apple is the primary BYOD choice,” the analysts said.
  • There are more than 235,000 business apps available at the App Store (Strategy Analytics).
  • Every Fortune 500 company now use Apple products. (Apple).
  • At SAP, the number of workers choosing a Mac has doubled in 15 months. (SAP).
  • The Windows 10 program at IBM has a net promoter score of 15, while the Mac program scores 47.5. (Bigger is better, IBM).
  • 90% of Mac users upgrade to a new software release within two months. (IBM).
  • Windows users are 5 times more likely to need on-site help than Mac users. (IBM).
  • IBM needs one engineer for every 10,000 Windows 10 devices, but just one engineer can support 30,000 Macs. (IBM).
  • IBM has previously claimed it saves more than $543 (per employee) in total cost of ownership when workers choose Macs. (IBM).
  • 79% of all enterprise activity on a mobile device happens on iOS. (Egnyte).
  • Apple claims a 92% customer satisfaction rating among business users on iPads. (Apple).
  • Apple is a top three vendor in the enterprise space (Changewave).
  • Apple’s upcoming iOS and macOS releases support devices up to seven years old, meaning enterprises can get a great deal of useful life from their fleets.
  • Many enterprise customers manage tens of thousands of Apple devices every day. (Apple).
  • Apple’s enterprise business is now worth over $40 billion annually. (Atherton Research) (This is an estimate, given CEO Tim Cook said the enterprise market generated around $25 billion in sales for Apple way back in 2015.)

Do you have any more useful statistics that illustrate Apple’s growing enterprise status? Please send them to me and I can add them here.

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