Microsoft ousts Office 365, crowns Microsoft 365 new monarch

For Microsoft, it's a case of out with the old, in with the new. For users, it's a recipe for confusion.

microsoft office 365
microsoft office 365

Microsoft's killing off Office 365.

That product nameplate, synonymous with productivity as well as by-subscription software, is on the way out, supplanted by a newer brand, Microsoft 365. The move obscures how users are to gather information about the original and muddies the meaning of the replacement.

Two months ago, Microsoft expanded the definition of Microsoft 365 beyond its 2017 origins. At the end of March, Microsoft announced name changes to the Office 365 subscription plans in the Business line, substituting Microsoft 365 instead. The company did the same for the consumer-grade Office 365 plans.

Microsoft also dumped the Office 365 ProPlus label for Microsoft 365 Apps. All name changes took effect April 21.

This table shows the rebranding results.

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