Developer models COVID-19 sneezing simulation on Gran Turismo software

A lone developer from the company that provided aerodynamic analysis for the cars in the popular PlayStation game Gran Turismo has applied the tooling to demonstrate the spread of germs with and without wearing a mask during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

When the Tokyo office building where MSC Software's Irie Tomohiro worked was hit by a confirmed case of COVID-19 in January, every company situated there was ordered home. At the same time, a debate was beginning to unfurl around the world about whether it was prudent or not for the public to wear face masks to slow the spread of germs.

At the turn of the 20th century, Japan was hit by an influenza outbreak that saw the first mass adoption of surgical masks as a preventative tool. They continue to be used during other public health crises, including after earthquakes or in areas of high air pollution.

Masks are useful in preventing the wearer from spreading germs to others. Now, in cities throughout east Asia, masks are even a common fashion item. Culturally, wearing them is a total no-brainer.

Baffled by the international response, Tomohiro set out to prove that they do, in fact, help.