Beamery claims talent platform can help close diversity gap in recruitment

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The talent shortage and hiring costs are some of the reasons companies face challenges in recruitment, but diversity is also still high up the list.

However, more and more recruiters are taking action to improve their hiring process and according to the global recruiting trends report by LinkedIn, 78 percent of companies are focusing on diversity when recruiting.

This is a major shift from previous years as the lack of diversity has been an ongoing problem, particularly in the tech sector.

The recruitment process has never been easy. Companies tend to face difficulties choosing the right candidate based on experience or skills. This is where Beamery comes in. The London-based startup that earlier this year secured $28 million (£21.9 million) in a series B funding round it offers a talent 'candidate relationship platform,' subverting the usual meaning of CRM - customer relationship management - in a bid to make the hiring process easier.

Beamery, which was founded in 2014 by brothers Sultan Saidov and Abakar Saidov along with their friend Michael Paterson, has recently launched a recruitment automation platform to tackle the diversity gap in recruitment.

"The reason that we started the business, and the gap still exists in recruiting today, is really two-fold," Sultan Saidov, chief product officer and co-founder at Beamery tells Techworld. "The first is that recruiting is still very transactional and we're in a world where candidates are forced to go through a lot of pain and friction to self-identify what jobs they want and how to apply for them."

What Beamery is trying to solve is the manual handling of hiring, to make the process smoother for both recruiters and candidates. This should open doors to more candidates, in terms of diversity and soft-skills, requirements that are often overlooked.

"Everybody's a person and so you should have an equivalently positive experience when you're going through an interaction with a company in their hiring process, just like you do when you're trying to shop online," he adds.

"The initial thought that companies should treat candidates like customers helped us realise that actually, the problems and parallels between how recruiting should work and how companies operate their sales and marketing processes, run very deep."

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How does it work?

Beamery's platform is designed to sit at the top of a company's recruiting process in order to assist with building their brand and attracting the right candidates.

In essence, what it offers is the opportunity for people interested in a company to come forward for jobs and help them stand out as potential candidates.

"The core of our technology is this human contact-centric relationship management system that is coupled with a marketing automation process, which means that every candidate can have a personalised interaction and no candidate gets left behind, and companies are able to deliver better candidate experiences," Saidov says.

With customers such as VMware and Facebook, Beamery offers a fast software solution to make the candidate search easier.

"If you're trying to build a diverse workforce and attract candidates that are going to meet that need, the only lever you can pull, in a traditional recruiting process, is to try and tweak the words in your job app and see if that has an impact on the diversity of your hiring process, but that's a very reactive way to solve that problem," he adds.

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Closing the diversity gap

One of the proactive ways that Beamery customers hope can hope to hire more diverse candidate is through the use of its landing pages, the company says.

"The landing pages allow companies to be more proactive in their efforts to attract a diverse workforce, for example by launching a page about an event focused on diversity and inclusion in a particular business area or a diversity-focused scholarship program," Saidov explains.

"These types of pages are often used as part of marketing campaigns that focus on not relying on the candidates that find and apply for jobs to be diverse, but on taking active measures to help guarantee a diverse workforce – by ensuring that diverse candidates are informed about a company's inclusive culture and opportunities."

"What we do is everything that isn't a job application. We allow you to build diversity landing pages for events, scholarship programmes, even microsites are captured. It's not about the job, you can figure out the job later, it's about finding the best, diverse talent and they don't have to apply for a job, they can just be interested in your company."

"So it's building diverse talent communities and then you can match to a job down the line, and also having sourcing initiatives that have targets to be diverse in the pipeline that you build.

"By diversity, we mean all forms of diversity, including BME & underrepresented groups. Indeed, for many companies the priority ‘diversity' gap is a gender one, but the same methods – proactive recruiting tools such as landing pages to engage diversity talent," he adds.

According to Beamery, companies have already been able to reach out to individuals based on relationships they have with candidates they manage using the platform.

"It gives the company the opportunity to identify if someone is a good fit, rather than the candidate and that makes a huge impact. It's also been a big impact in terms of high potential candidates that companies are looking for, making it easier to find when you're not just relying on applications.

"We're in a position to not just match people with jobs, but to match people with companies and that goes deeper than a resume," Saidov says. "That's part of our strategy."

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