Here are 592 women in the UK who could speak at your tech event


It goes without saying that women remain under-represented in the technology sector. Although there are a number of things being done to change that, it is still a challenge to fix the imbalance and that isn't just in the office.

Even in the 21st century, conferences and events are where you tend to see a lack of female keynote or panel speakers. Some may assume there aren't enough women putting themselves forward for the position, yet figures prove that is incorrect and females actually go unrecognised. A report from TechNation found that only 19 percent of UK tech workers are women.

Sadly it is still not uncommon to see panels that only feature male speakers (manels), even in 2019. When the inevitable backlash on social media occurs, it is always interesting to see how the event organisers respond.

Ideally, it goes something like: "We're sorry, we will do better next time." Sometimes the organisers claim to have invited (usually unspecified) women but they couldn't make it. Regularly the defence is: "There just aren't enough women working in this area." But how true is this?

We decided to investigate ourselves to see how many UK-based women we could find who'd be able to speak in public across the various sectors within tech. With relatively little effort we found tons of impressive vendor executives, chief information officers, startup founders, developers, technologists, lawyers… just to name a few sectors. They are listed below, by their (quite loosely defined) expertise category, with links to their LinkedIn profiles.

This list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, we're certain it's just a drop in the ocean. So if you are or know a woman working in tech who'd be a great speaker, please get in touch:

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Here are 592 UK women who could speak at your tech event, grouped by:

  • Founders and women working in startups speakers
  • Developers and technologists speakers
  • Vendor executives and tech company staff speakers
  • Female CIOs and CTOs
  • Academics, trade bodies, thinktankers and non-profits
  • Security and tech law speakers
  • Venture capitalists and investors
  • Public sector speakers
  • Media, communications and marketing

Founders and women working in startups

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