Highest paying technology employers in the UK 2019


It should come as little surprise that technology companies are amongst the highest-paying employers in the UK, with six firms in the top ten by median total compensation according to a new report by job-seeking site Glassdoor.

The Glassdoor 2019 salary reportmined data from its platform over the past year, up until 28 February. Companies considered must have received at least 30 salary reports in pounds by UK-based employees during that timeframe. Only salary reports from employees who shared both their base pay and other forms of compensation were considered for the final results.

As the results are self-reported these figures should not be taken as comprehensive, but they do offer some insight into the compensation at the biggest tech employers in the UK.

The report found the highest 25 paying companies offer a median total compensation - so salary and bonuses - of between £61,000 and £90,000.

The six highest ranking tech companies will surprise few, although SAP being the best-paying vendor may come as a bit of a shock. Two smaller technology companies on the list also demonstrated the salary value in working for a technology business.

In the top 10, SAP led the way at number two overall with an average total compensation of £90,000, followed by Facebook in fourth at £89,000, although it is worth noting Facebook has far fewer employees globally than SAP.

Next comes Salesforce at six overall at £85,000, closely followed by Dell at £84,825 and Oracle at £80,000. Last of the top ten is Google at £78,000.

The two slightly surprising names are food delivery company Just Eat, at 17, with an average total compensation of £66,500 - and helathtech startup Babylon Health, at £65,000. It would appear that the Matt Hancock stamp of approval isn't the only reason to go work for the GP-on-demand app.

"It is no surprise that multinational tech and finance firms dominate the list, given that both industries compete fiercely for talent, especially when it comes to tech roles," John Lamphiere, EMEA managing director at Glassdoor said. "Salary is a key driver for many job seekers so we have made it easy for people to find out which employers are offering the most money."

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