Research: UK CIOs focusing on business and tech innovation in 2016

UK CIOs will be focusing on business innovation in 2016, according to research. Technology executives will deal with disruption in the tech sector by leading change and innovation in their businesses.

Digital disruption and startup threats have prompted Chief Information Officers in the UK to make business innovation their key priority in 2016, according to research from Techworld's sister title CIO UK.

In the study of more than 100 UK CIOs, technology executives responded that their focus had shifted from operational improvement and business and IT alignment to one of business innovation and leading change efforts.

Futurologist, digital strategist and CIO UK columnist Ade McCormack said that with threats from new market players, innovation was key to business survival.

"The growing theme of disruption is having a bearing on the relevance of innovation to business success and survival," McCormack said.

CIO advisor Ian Cox said that in the digital age technology leaders must start with customer needs in order to foster game-changing disruptive innovation.

"In the digital world, businesses need to take an outside-in perspective," he said. "The outside-in approach is about looking at the business from the customer's viewpoint - this is where the game-changing and disruptive innovation is coming from."

You can read the full 2016 UK CIO Priorities research here.

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