#BPLKickoff: Premier League football fans get new emojis to play with on Twitter

Barclays Premier League has embraced Twitter and launched a set of new football emojis on the eve of the opening fixture weekend for the 2015/2016 season.

Typing #BPLKickoff in a Tweet brings up an emoji of the Premier League trophy while typing club hashtags, such as #EFC (Everton), brings up an emoji of the club’s badge.

Matchday hashtags like #BOUAVL (Bolton vs Aston Villa) display two miniature emjois of the club’s badges alongside each other.

The Premier League emojis come after Twitter teamed up with FIFA in 2014 on a series of world cup emojis.

While the Premier League emojis look similar in quality to the thumbs up, winky face, cars and various food items found in the official emoji set, they’re not actually “official”.

The body responsible for standardising emojis across devices is known as The Unicode Consortium. In May it revealed that a selfie emoji, an avacado and a clown face will all be converted into emojis during 2016. A full list of new emojis can be found here.

Those looking to embrace digital technology during this year's season can also play various Fantasy Football competitions with their friends and other fans. Techworld recommends PlayTogga for hardcore fantasy football fans that want to do a draft pick (meaning no other player in their league will have the same players), or the official Barclays Premier League version, which is perhaps the most intuitive offering out there.

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