Google Glass beware: Drivers get an eyeful with BMW’s connected car goggles

German carmaker BMW has revealed a wearable to rival Google Glass - a pair of virtual reality goggles that let MINI drivers receive messages, get navigation tips and navigate tricky parking spots from behind the wheel.

The wearables, in the shape of traditional driving goggles, are a prototype that will be on show at the Auto Shanghai trade fair this week.

Drivers will be able to select their destination through the glasses before entering the car, the time and mileage to destination, speed limits and texts and messages that will be read out by the car.

Further, it will offer X-ray view through the car to improve parking. A-pillars and doors will miraculously disappear while wearing the goggles.

What you can see from your MINI goggles ©BMW

Cameras in the far-side mirror will be projected into the glasses, for example, a nearby kerb, to help with tricky parking spots.

The prototype was developed with Qualcomm.

Earlier this year BMW revealed a technology that allows drivers to park cars with their smartwatches.

The Remote Valet Parking Assistant, demonstrated at the CES trade show in January, combines lasers, sensors and cameras with a database of multi-storey car park plans to navigate safely, unaided.

A driver can simply shut the door, activate the parking assistant from their wrist and let their car park itself. It is hoped this will be available on the market by 2020.

Luxury car brand Tesla has made a name for itself thanks to its software-first ideology, offering over-the-air updates that include semi-driverless features.

However, the dependence on in-car hardware, like sensors and lasers amongst traditional carmakers is increasing.

This is because GPS and navigation applications can assist semi-autonomous driving features, but connectivity can never be 100 percent guaranteed. Manufacturers must rely on hardware that can function without connecting to the internet.

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